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“In my opinion, there should be reached the aim that all priests could continue to use the old Missal.”
— Cardinal Ratzinger, Letter to Wolfgang Waldstein (14 December 1976)
The St. Jean de Brébeuf Hymnal (2018)
published 10 November 2018 by Corpus Christi Watershed

87139 COVER - The St. Jean de Brébeuf Hymnal N OCTOBER of 2018, the Brébeuf hymnal was officially sent to the printer. In a few weeks, it will be available for purchase. Experts from across the globe—priests and laity—worked diligently for five years to produce a hymnal based upon excellence: excellent texts, excellent tunes, and excellent translations. 1

This 932-page hymn book does not mimic or “build upon” Protestant hymnals; instead, authentic Catholic hymnody forms the core of our book. 2 The superb translations by priests and bishops are nothing short of breathtaking.

Melodies and texts were commissioned from contemporary artists. At the same time, this book preserves the very best from the past, especially gems found in such publications as the New Westminster Hymnal (1939), Mediator Dei Hymnal (1955), London Oratory Hymn Book (1998), and Theodore Marier’s famous 1983 hymnal.

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The hymn tunes have been described as “simple, memorable, and hauntingly beautiful”—by such artists as Flor Peeters, Kevin Allen, Richard Clark, Peter LeJeune, Alfred Calabrese, and more.

N CONJUNCTION with the JP2 institute, Watershed will be providing hundreds of rehearsal videos for this hymnal—absolutely free of charge!

Some examples:

Hymn #006   •   Equal Voices   •   Soprano   •   Alto   •   Tenor   •   Bass

Hymn #712   •   Equal Voices   •   Soprano   •   Alto   •   Tenor   •   Bass

Hymn #876   •   Equal Voices   •   Soprano   •   Alto   •   Tenor   •   Bass

The fantastic organ accompaniment book—using a technique you will love—is scheduled to appear in December of 2018.


1   Those who have seen advance copies say it’s absolutely unique in every way. It was produced by the JP2 Institute, and several members of Corpus Christi Watershed contributed. Jeffrey Ostrowski was chosen to lead the editorial team. Some of the source material we collected can be downloaded here.

2   We did include a few texts—e.g. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing—written by Protestant authors; but such texts constitute a tiny, inconsequential percentage.