The Tradition Continues! • Seven Organists Perform
2019 October 18 by Richard J. Clark

“...every bit of carpeting was removed and replaced with marble and stone…”

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This pipe organ will be heard as it has never been in our lifetimes.

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Shortcuts with GrandOrgue
2019 June 08 by Veronica Brandt

Setting up keyboard shortcuts to setting the stops on a virtual pipe organ using the free software GrandOrgue.

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Exploring the World’s Largest Musical Instrument
2019 June 02 by Fr. David Friel

The Wanamaker Grand Court Organ

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Installation of New Pipe Organ on Capitol Hill
2019 May 19 by Fr. David Friel

Noack Opus 162 built for St. Peter’s Church

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Mark Dwyer shines the light on two glorious pipe organs all in one glorious concert.

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Catholic TV focuses on the indispensable role of the pipe organ with Janet Hunt.

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A new collection of organ works based on familiar and beloved plainchants

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As both performer and teacher, James David Christie models excellence and beauty.

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In Defense of the Organ Postlude
2017 January 30 by Fr. David Friel

Newly-published reflections from Professor Kwasniewski.

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Liturgical Happenings at Notre Dame
2015 November 08 by Fr. David Friel

Divine Liturgy and a new pipe organ

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Digital vs. Pipe Organ • Who Wins?
2015 October 09 by Richard J. Clark

The debate between digital and pipe organs as been intensified by a collaboration between Sony’s GRAMMY®-nominated artist, Cameron Carpenter and organ builders Marshall & Ogletree. Is it a revolution?

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To What Shall We Aspire?
2015 September 11 by Richard J. Clark

Set the bar high and hold precious our sacred treasury of music.

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The Future of the Pipe Organ
2015 March 15 by Fr. David Friel

“The manifold possibilities of the organ remind us of the immensity and the magnificence of God.” (Pope Benedict XVI)

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Easy Organ Hymns for Catholics
2015 January 03 by Veronica Brandt

There is a built in tendency for nervous musicians to rush things – I think as your heart beats faster, your perception of time is dilated. As you build more confidence your sense of timing improves too.

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The Death of a Parish | A Promise of New Life?
2014 October 17 by Richard J. Clark

One of the most painful spiritual experiences many Catholics suffer is the closure of their parish.

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Organists: Know Thy Sheep!
2014 October 03 by Richard J. Clark

To what extent does the pipe organ’s inclusion as a worship component influence
the quality of your worship experience?

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The Thoughts of His Heart
2014 June 27 by Richard J. Clark

It is striking to even consider that Jesus has his own “thoughts” or “designs” within his own Heart.

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While the pipe organ languishes in some places, it flourishes in others. There are three reasons why.

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The Pipe Organ in Survival Mode
2014 May 02 by Richard J. Clark

Organists can no longer take for granted the dominant use—or for that matter, any use of the organ despite anything Sacrosanctum Concilium states.

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Misereris omnium | Ash Wednesday Introit
2014 March 05 by Richard J. Clark

Few parishes are willing to sing Gregorian Introits for the Entrance Procession, but it is SIGNIFICANT that the very first Introit of Lent sings of God’s infinite MERCY.

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Improvising – and Praying – on the Propers
2014 January 10 by Richard J. Clark

A close friend, a priest once told me years ago something I’ve never forgotten. “The people don’t need to know what it is to understand it.” They will understand the prayer interiorly if not in words. Since hearing that, I have always thought it important to play and pray music related to a relevant text.

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