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Four Steps • “Homeschoolers, learn an Advent hymn!”
2019 December 04 by Veronica Moreno

As we navigate through this season, the secular world bombards us with decorated Christmas trees, “holiday music” on every station, and house after house drenched in festive lights…

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I can’t always recognize a hymn tune by its name, especially when the Missalette only provides lyrics. Please don’t judge me; that’s the honest truth.

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When “Textbooks” Don’t Cut It
2019 June 21 by Veronica Moreno

This routine has taken years to establish.

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Homeschooling (And Sacred Music) Snuck Up On Us
2019 June 14 by Veronica Moreno

In this way, we keep the faith alive at the kitchen table and at the altar.

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On Stillness
2015 December 02 by Veronica Moreno

This blog post is about a four-year-old who behaves at Mass and how the Extraordinary Form allows a father to learn to behave better at Mass.

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Veronica Moreno
2013 January 10 by Corpus Christi Watershed

While at UCLA, Veronica earned an undergraduate degree in Ethnomusicology and went on to study special education at Cal State LA.

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