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Chant any Psalms and Antiphons
2019 July 13 by Veronica Brandt

Liturgy of the Hours and Divine Office books become enormous when they include all the music for singing the psalms. Fortunately here are the tools to bring the music to your screen.

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Shortcuts with GrandOrgue
2019 June 08 by Veronica Brandt

Setting up keyboard shortcuts to setting the stops on a virtual pipe organ using the free software GrandOrgue.

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Oreste Ravanello's Easy Pieces for Organ
2019 April 13 by Veronica Brandt

A dozen easy little pieces for organ.

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How to Install Compline in Your Home
2019 March 30 by Veronica Brandt

A first step to planting the timeless prayer of the Universal Church in your home. Plus a four part setting of the prayer just because.

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Upgrading to a Missa Cantata for Singers
2019 March 23 by Veronica Brandt

One of those fantastic diagrams of the structure of the Mass, expostulated in under 9 minutes.

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A German Franciscan Soldier who Sang
2019 March 16 by Veronica Brandt

Excerpts from the life of Fr Gereon Goldmann – bombs, concentration camps, espionage and Gregorian chant.

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Every Church Musician Deserves Music Lessons
2019 March 09 by Veronica Brandt

In which Veronica describes some unexpected benefits of taking up music lessons.

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God of Mercy and Compassion
2019 March 02 by Veronica Brandt

Two hymns with the same opening line, but very different content. A mystery rewrite symptomatic of an avoidance of personal contrition.

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PDF Download • “Easy Organ Interludes” (229 pages)
2018 December 01 by Veronica Brandt

Enjoy this treasure trove of organ music from almost 400 years ago! Plus a few highlights from along the way.

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Archbishop Anthony Fisher Apologizes
2018 October 06 by Veronica Brandt

Sparks of hope from the youth synod – an apology mentioning “unbeautiful” liturgies and witholding the Church’s treasury of prayers.

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Flos Carmeli for a Carmelite Novena
2018 July 07 by Veronica Brandt

A printable copy of the beautiful Carmelite sequence with English translation alongside. Time to practise ready for the Feast Day on July 16!

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Save the World: Build More Carmels
2018 June 10 by Veronica Brandt

Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.

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Perpetual Succour Passes the Equator
2018 June 09 by Veronica Brandt

One young doctor sailing across the Pacific Ocean to raise money for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. You do meet all sorts at Mass.

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FSSP Camp in Sydney, Australia
2018 June 02 by Veronica Brandt

Living the Liturgy requires a little study. Learning Thomistic philosophy opens up new dimensions to the prayers we love so much.

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Benedictines in Tasmania a Year Already
2018 May 19 by Veronica Brandt

The Notre Dame Priory continues to attract postulants and may have found a permanent home.

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Ratchets instead of Bells for your Electric Angelus
2018 March 28 by Veronica Brandt

Remember to change any electronic bells this Friday and Saturday! Links to some good ratchet sounds included.

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Build your Music Theory Skills
2018 February 24 by Veronica Brandt

How to Finally Acquire a Musical Education While Still in College or Anywhere Else (with apologies to James V Schall)

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Towards a Standard Protocol for Frayed Ribbons
2018 February 17 by Veronica Brandt

Adding ribbons sounds like a fine idea, until they fray and come adrift. Serious bookmakers take precautions to stop ribbons fraying, but even amateurs can learn from these tips.

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Can You Sing Along to Monks?
2018 January 27 by Veronica Brandt

A video to supplement our local choir practices – a quick run through Missa Orbis Factor (also known as Mass XI) – the Gregorian Mass setting for Sundays during the year.

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Tweaking Linebreaks Online with Gregorio
2018 January 06 by Veronica Brandt

You CAN add linebreaks with Illuminare Score Editor. All in the browser.

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