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Upcoming Opportunities for Catholic Visual Artists
2014 January 13 by Gwyneth Holston

A call for entries, two summer programs, and two places to get published!

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St. Eulalia by John William Waterhouse
2014 January 06 by Gwyneth Holston

A daring painting for a daring saint.

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Tips for Parents in Guiding Artistic Teenagers
2013 December 30 by Gwyneth Holston

Suggestion #6: After high school, don’t send your child to an art college.

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Good King Wenceslas Looked Out When?
2013 December 23 by Gwyneth Holston

The connection between the Feast of the Nativity and the Feast of St. Stephen.

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Finally, English-speakers will able to read Hildebrand’s examination of the splendor of beauty.

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The Greatest Catholic Painter You've Never Heard Of
2013 December 09 by Gwyneth Holston

Why I am besotted with Enguerrand Quarton

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Enough is Enough!
2013 December 02 by Gwyneth Holston

Why are our Catholic bookstores full of bad art?

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Hans Memling's Masterpiece: The Last Judgment
2013 November 25 by Gwyneth Holston

Christmas is coming! For Catholics, that means its time to think about the Apocalypse.

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St. Catherine of Alexandria, November 25th
2013 November 18 by Gwyneth Holston

Brilliant. Beautiful. Beheaded.

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13th Century Sacred Art Class
2013 November 14 by Gwyneth Holston

Thomas More College Artist-in-Residence, David Clayton, to teach a class on painting in the English gothic style.

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Feast of St. Cecilia – November 22nd
2013 November 07 by Gwyneth Holston

One of the Most Venerated Martyrs from Christian Antiquity

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The Informed Aesthetic
2013 October 31 by Gwyneth Holston

Ugly churches and tacky artwork are the external signs of an internal deficiency most of us share.

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Gwyneth Holston
2013 January 09 by Gwyneth Holston

Gwyneth is a sacred artist who works to provide and promote good quality Catholic art…

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