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Do we need hymns, when we already have Psalms?
2017 March 15 by Lucas Tappan

The Psalter, as Esolen notes, is the prayer book of the Church and the Psalms constitute the “foundational poems of Christian praise.”

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Let Everything That Hath Breath Praise the Lord!
2017 March 07 by Lucas Tappan

Point us once again to God Who is Beauty Itself!

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Music and the Imagination
2017 February 21 by Lucas Tappan

Along the “via pulchritudinis” (the way of beauty) they will come to know Him Who is Beauty itself.

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Singing for Cardinal Burke's Pontifical Low Mass
2017 February 14 by Lucas Tappan

I told Cardinal Burke that is was a blessing for us to sing for the Mass and assured him of our prayers.

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Beauty, Music and the Sacred Liturgy
2017 February 08 by Lucas Tappan

Beauty will return to the Sacred Liturgy when we once again turn our hearts to the Lord.

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Chorister Pitfalls
2017 January 24 by Lucas Tappan

A misguided belief states that the quality of our liturgical music should be sacrificed on the altar of good intentions.

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When to Teach Children to Sight-Read Plainsong
2017 January 10 by Lucas Tappan

Children can and should be taught Gregorian chant by hearing and repeating—but this binds them to singing only what they have memorized.

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God or Nothing
2017 January 03 by Lucas Tappan

I think we can slay the current and popular belief that by making the liturgy, and by extension liturgical music, “relevant” to people we will somehow bring them back to God.

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A Christmas Carol
2016 December 27 by Lucas Tappan

Keep the flame of the true Christmas spirit burning brightly and carol to your heart’s content.

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Appropriate Music for the Sacred Liturgy
2016 December 20 by Lucas Tappan

It’s hard to implement a program of truly sacred music, focused on the Lord, when so many of our Masses and other services are celebrated as if God were a side note…

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A Late Gift for Nicholasmas
2016 December 13 by Lucas Tappan

Unfortunately we live in a society in which parents can no longer allow the culture to help form their children, and in most instances are forced to fight such an un-cultural leviathan.

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Where Does Your Heart Lie?
2016 December 06 by Lucas Tappan

If Christmas day arrives and you haven’t been to confession, your daily prayer has suffered, and you haven’t eaten supper with your family at least five nights a week during Advent, you’re in too far.

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Msgr. Marini recently spoke to a group of Italian musicians as part of a choral festival.

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Seven Tips for the Organist
2016 November 15 by Lucas Tappan

I also want to say “thank you” to all of you who play the organ during the sacred liturgy. We owe you a great song of gratitude!

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Music for the Year of Mercy
2016 October 25 by Lucas Tappan

Puccini’s music allows us to glimpse the love of a Father, Who doesn’t merely sit on the 50 yard line waiting to see which side of the eternal line we die on…

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Music and the Formation of Our Youth
2016 October 18 by Lucas Tappan

“While it is true that children can make beautiful music, it is more important that music can make beautiful children…”

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Wonderful Things are Happening in Detroit!
2016 October 11 by Lucas Tappan

Even more exciting were two developments I learned of while in Detroit.

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Problems Encountered Teaching Rhythms
2016 September 20 by Lucas Tappan

Well, today I decided to buck the system (in spite of my general LOVE of tradition) and simply referred to the various notes by their Takadimi syllables.

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The Current Heresy
2016 September 06 by Lucas Tappan

He was right, I spoke an unforgivable heresy—boys and girls are different.

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Give Yourself a Boost in the New Choral Year
2016 August 31 by Lucas Tappan

The grandmother of 5 choristers informed me that one of her granddaughters told her rehearsal wasn’t long enough—it seemed to be over just as it was starting!

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