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“Meet Me In St. Louis”
2017 November 21 by Lucas Tappan

Jeff recently asked if directors take choir pictures and I can’t say I do—but thankfully others did.

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Music and Evangelization
2017 November 13 by Lucas Tappan

It’s an incredibly refreshing and dare I say beautiful movement within the Church today…

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The Problem of Acedia
2017 October 10 by Lucas Tappan

We rarely speak of greatness in the Church anymore for fear of driving people away, yet look at all of the men who responded to the call of the priesthood because of the example of Pope St. John Paul II.

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A Silver Jubilee
2017 October 03 by Lucas Tappan

Many things have changed over the last quarter of a century in the field of church music and thankfully most of them have been for the better.

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Liturgical Education
2017 September 26 by Lucas Tappan

Perhaps I am just a Benedictine at heart but I feel the Opus Dei (Work of God) must truly be given pride of place in our personal lives…

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Until we start forming our youth in the Church’s treasury of sacred music we will continue contracepting our musical future to death.

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Unfortunately my avocation of church musician doesn’t allow me to sidestep the Latin vs. vernacular issue any more than a house painter is able to avoid paint.

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An Unpleasant Task
2017 May 23 by Lucas Tappan

I realize it is hard, but perhaps this is the balance we are called to live—truth in charity.

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Recruiting and Auditioning Choristers
2017 May 16 by Lucas Tappan

The audition itself is very straight forward and usually takes about 10 minutes, although I know within the first minute if I plan to accept the child into the choir.

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Live recordings—music in honor of Our Lady of Fatima.

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
2017 May 02 by Lucas Tappan

If the Holy Mass really is the unbloody sacrifice of the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ, then the music we use will be radically affected.

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Take 2 Voice Lessons and Call Me in the Morning
2017 April 26 by Lucas Tappan

I watched in fascination as one of the tenors strained to reach notes obviously out of his range. I had never heard the chest voice forced so high in the male register.

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Here we see the result of so much hard work, one of the great Cathedral Choirs of the world!

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Family Life and the Sacred Liturgy
2017 April 04 by Lucas Tappan

I can’t imagine my family playing such an intimate role in the ceremonies of Holy Week, but it surely made an awesome impression on the von Trapps.

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The Fully Sung Mass
2017 March 28 by Lucas Tappan

if St. Augustine was right and “singing belongs to the one who loves,” then it behooves us to once again learn to love and thereby take up the Church’s eternal hymn of praise.

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Do we need hymns, when we already have Psalms?
2017 March 15 by Lucas Tappan

The Psalter, as Esolen notes, is the prayer book of the Church and the Psalms constitute the “foundational poems of Christian praise.”

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Let Everything That Hath Breath Praise the Lord!
2017 March 07 by Lucas Tappan

Point us once again to God Who is Beauty Itself!

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Music and the Imagination
2017 February 21 by Lucas Tappan

Along the “via pulchritudinis” (the way of beauty) they will come to know Him Who is Beauty itself.

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Singing for Cardinal Burke's Pontifical Low Mass
2017 February 14 by Lucas Tappan

I told Cardinal Burke that is was a blessing for us to sing for the Mass and assured him of our prayers.

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Beauty, Music and the Sacred Liturgy
2017 February 08 by Lucas Tappan

Beauty will return to the Sacred Liturgy when we once again turn our hearts to the Lord.

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