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Colin Mawby (1936-2019)
2019 November 26 by Lucas Tappan

We commend his soul to the mercy of our Heavenly Father.

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Where do we go from here?
2019 November 19 by Lucas Tappan

We need to break away from simply providing music for the next Sunday’s Masses.

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If You Want to Catch All the Youth
2019 November 05 by Lucas Tappan

The “Schools Singing Programme” currently serves 4,000 children each year, many from the most economically depressed areas in England…

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A Professional Choir in Six (6) Years
2019 October 29 by Lucas Tappan

Support was key, but once Glenn had the necessary vision and support, the rest was a matter of putting one foot in front of the other.

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A Professional Choir in Six Months
2019 October 15 by Lucas Tappan

I often wonder if some of the vitriol directed against the Church’s music is due to its less than stellar presentation.

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A *What* School ?!!
2019 October 01 by Lucas Tappan

These are things a choir director needs to think about as he plans to build a successful choral foundation at his own cathedral or parish.

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So... You Can't Visit a Choir School
2019 September 24 by Lucas Tappan

Choir Schools would help to fill our parishes with congregations and choir members who would expect real sacred music sung to a high degree…

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Sense and Sensibility
2019 September 19 by Lucas Tappan

This lesson is no less true in the realm of sacred music than it is in the realm of lovers.

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Let the Fun Begin
2019 September 03 by Lucas Tappan

I have been searching for ways to bring more choristers into the choir…

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Mr. Pete Avendano and His Incredible Choir
2019 August 27 by Lucas Tappan

Now back in Los Angeles, Avendano hopes to found a Catholic boys choir dedicated solely to singing the Church’s music.

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Five Suggestions • “Music in Our Schools”
2019 August 20 by Lucas Tappan

If we desire to educate, we should keep our end in mind—to teach children what is good, and to love that good.

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Five Rules • “Successful Music Camps”
2019 August 13 by Lucas Tappan

A choirmaster must always be recruiting…and a summer camp is a great recruiting tool.

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Announcing: Saint Rita Choral Academy!
2019 July 30 by Lucas Tappan

The parish’s new venture, the St. Rita Choral Academy, is the brainchild of Dr. Alfred Calabrese.

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A Call to Educate Our Future Musicians
2019 July 24 by Lucas Tappan

Most of these students, without ever having studied the Church’s documents on liturgical music, have an innate sense that our sacred mysteries require sacred music… and they WANT IT!

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In Support of the Choir School Tradition
2019 July 09 by Lucas Tappan

St. Paul’s Choir School is one of only three Catholic choir schools in the United States, and provides an approach we might call the apprenticeship method.

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James Kennerley’s “rehearsal with the men and boys was brilliant as is his organ playing.”

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In Search of the Deeper Meaning
2019 June 25 by Lucas Tappan

I have heard it said that magic shows up at every concert but usually goes home disappointed.

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Nevertheless, we have had, and quite frankly still have, a number of fine choirs, conductors and organists that I would place on par and even above our European brethren.

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If you are interested in the great English Cathedral music tradition, please consider listening to these podcasts.

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Further Thoughts on Westminster Cathedral
2019 May 21 by Lucas Tappan

I am reminded of the care with which the Pieta was transported from the Vatican to New York City for the World’s Fair in 1964 and I hope and pray that the Westminster Cathedral Choir will be treated with as much veneration and respect.

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