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Family and Work: both are full time jobs
2015 October 08 by Dr. Alfred Calabrese

My children are now grown, but I’m not about to reveal any family secrets!

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Is this the “Proper” solution for you?
2015 October 01 by Dr. Alfred Calabrese

I’ve decided to try an experiment that may work in other parishes.

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Getting the most from your choir: Passion
2015 September 24 by Dr. Alfred Calabrese

Passion … is a tremendous engine for achieving the very best results.

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Getting the most from your choir: Preparation
2015 September 14 by Dr. Alfred Calabrese

Only by knowing a piece inside and out can we teach it effectively and efficiently.

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“The conductor should be able to hear a perfect performance of the piece before it even begins.” —Dr. Alfred Calabrese

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Dr. Alfred Calabrese
2013 January 15 by Corpus Christi Watershed

Alfred holds a doctorate in choral conducting from Indiana University…

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