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Propers and “the Menu Approach”
2014 May 14 by Andrew R. Motyka

You have Publisher X’s resources in the pews, so isn’t it easier to plan the liturgy using their resources?

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OF with an EF Priest
2014 April 30 by Andrew R. Motyka

Why the EF seems to have all the good celebrants.

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Be Good to Your Choir
2014 April 16 by Andrew R. Motyka

Give your choir some acknowledgement for all their hard work.

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Singing A Capella During the Easter Triduum
2014 April 09 by Andrew R. Motyka

Following the tradition of singing a capella during the Easter Triduum, can lend it a solemnity that “punctuates the entire season.”

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Palm Sunday Passion Booklet - Free Download
2014 March 12 by Andrew R. Motyka

Free Passion Booklet for Palm Sunday.

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Let Me Lent You Some Advice
2014 March 05 by Andrew R. Motyka

Remember your own spiritual health during Lent.

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Setting an Example Through Funerals
2014 February 26 by Andrew R. Motyka

Funerals can be a good time to demonstrate the possibilities of reverent liturgical music at Mass.

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The Young and the Extremely Young
2014 February 19 by Andrew R. Motyka

“Despite being baptized Catholic, attending Catholic schools, and attending Mass regularly, he never knew about the Church’s musical heritage until the last few years.”

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Richard Sherman and Self-Confidence
2014 January 29 by Andrew R. Motyka

The importance of confidence in performance.

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Tools for the Day
2014 January 22 by Andrew R. Motyka

The Communion Antiphon often reflects back to the Gospel.

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Quick Takes: Saying No
2014 January 15 by Andrew R. Motyka

Saying “No” is an important skill for the music director.

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What Hill are You Willing to Die on?
2014 January 01 by Andrew R. Motyka

Deciding which principles are deal-breakers.

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Once Upon a Mattress
2013 December 25 by Andrew R. Motyka

In which Andrew’s wife Julie writes about the joys of being a music director’s wife at Christmas.

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It's What We Do
2013 December 18 by Andrew R. Motyka

Explaining how to handle death at so many funerals.

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Would You Like Some Cheese with that Whine?
2013 December 11 by Andrew R. Motyka

Trying to avoid the temptation to complain.

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Text matters
2013 December 04 by Andrew R. Motyka

Everyone should be forced to type the words of the pieces they use.

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Royal Stumbling Blocks
2013 November 20 by Andrew R. Motyka

For believers, however, the crucifixion is not a moment of despair, but of triumph. We proudly profess our “weak” Savior, for we know that His weakness was the means of our salvation.

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2013 November 13 by Andrew R. Motyka

Being the first to post about Thanksgiving so now everyone else looks like they’re copying me.

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Juggling Holy Days of Obligation
2013 November 06 by Andrew R. Motyka

How the peculiarities of the calendar affect Immaculate Conception this year.

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Precious Rehearsal Time
2013 October 23 by Andrew R. Motyka

Spending rehearsal time to save more later.

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