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The Role of Catholic Church Choir
2017 January 12 by Andrew Leung

Keep God as the center of the choir and direct our music towards Him.

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Fr. Áureo Castro’s setting alternates the chant melody and the choral parts.

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A simple setting of “Dominus Dixit ad Me” by Fr. Áureo Castro.

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CMAA Winter Sacred Music 2017
2016 November 10 by Andrew Leung

Early Registration is still available for Winter Sacred Music 2017 (Birmingham, AL).

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New Document on Christian Burial and Cremation
2016 October 27 by Andrew Leung

The CDF released a Instruction on Christian Burial and Cremation yesterday.

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The New Feature on the Organ of King's College
2016 October 13 by Andrew Leung

Check out this newest feature on the restored organ in the Chapel of King’s College!

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St. Francis and Sacred Music
2016 October 06 by Andrew Leung

St. Francis of Assisi is not a “liturgical hippie.” He is a lover of the Roman liturgy and might have sung polyphony…

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The Power of Sacred Music
2016 September 15 by Andrew Leung

True Sacred Music brings hope and joy to those suffering.

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Ten Reflections on “Pride of Place”
2016 September 08 by Andrew Leung

Giving Gregorian Chant the “pride of place” is more than just singing the Propers.

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The First Catholic Diocese in East Asia
2016 September 01 by Andrew Leung

Macau is the first Roman Catholic diocese in East Asia.

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The Reason for Choir — Paul Mealor
2016 August 27 by Andrew Leung

Welsh composer, Paul Mealor, talks about the importance of choral music.

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I Am Moving Again!
2016 August 25 by Andrew Leung

I will be studying at St. Joseph Seminary in the historical Diocese of Macau, China.

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St. Josemaría and the Mass
2016 August 04 by Andrew Leung

These pictures can prove St. Josemaría’s love for the Old Mass.

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Free Recordings • British Boys' Choir
2016 July 28 by Andrew Leung

Free recordings of famous British boys’ choirs on YouTube!

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Saints and the “Ad Orientem” Worship
2016 July 23 by Andrew Leung

What did the saints say about celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass facing East?

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Summer Sacred Music Workshop • This Weekend!
2016 July 21 by Andrew Leung

The Summer Sacred Music Workshop 2016 is finally here!

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“I Desire Mercy, Not Sacrifice”
2016 July 18 by Andrew Leung

How can we renew the liturgy with charity? We shouldn’t seek to win arguments on the liturgy.

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Three common misconceptions about the Mass and “ad orientem” worship.

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Made in China
2016 June 23 by Andrew Leung

Gregorian Chant pew cards in Hong Kong.

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Why is the Basilica community so lively and why are they growing so much?

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