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Southeastern Sacred Music Workshop 2019
2019 August 05 by Andrew Leung

The fifth annual Southeastern Sacred Music Workshop in Birmingham, AL, this weekend.

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Photos • 1985 Ordination in China
2019 June 06 by Andrew Leung

Old photos of an ordination in Shanghai in 1985.

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Trappist Monks in Hong Kong Chanting
2019 January 17 by Andrew Leung

Monks in Hong Kong chanting parts of the Missa “Cum Jubilo”...

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Healey Willan on Chant
2018 September 13 by Andrew Leung

Healey Willan has a special interest in plainchant!

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New Season! New Beginning!
2018 September 06 by Andrew Leung

Some laughter and advice for the beginning of a new season.

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New Discovery in Canada
2018 August 23 by Andrew Leung

Some great contemporary choral works from a Canadian composer.

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A Chinese “Ave Maria”
2018 August 14 by Andrew Leung

Ave Maria composed in Chinese style by Mons. Anthony CM Lau.

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My Trip to Canada
2018 July 26 by Andrew Leung

Beautiful churches and music in Canada…

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How to be a Good Choir Member?
2018 June 28 by Andrew Leung

Some tips on how to be a good teammate in a choir.

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Raising the Musical Standards (Part 2)
2018 June 14 by Andrew Leung

Raising the musical standards leads to deeper prayers…

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Raising the Musical Standards (Part 1)
2018 June 07 by Andrew Leung

The low musical standards in churches these days…

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Summer Sacred Music Workshop 2018
2018 May 31 by Andrew Leung

Summer Sacred Music Workshop 2018 in Charlotte, NC!

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The Hereford Cathedral Choir has been invited to sing Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica.

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This Saturday! • Solemn Pontifcal Mass in D.C.
2018 April 26 by Andrew Leung

Archbishop Sample will be offering a Solemn Pontifical Mass at the National Shrine in DC.

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Photos • Two Recent Solemn Masses in Hong Kong
2018 April 12 by Andrew Leung

This wasn’t my first time serving as a subdeacon, but it was a trembling experience.

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When Music Encounters Religion
2018 March 08 by Andrew Leung

A very special project at the University of St Andrews: the TheoArtistry project.

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The Smoke of Satan
2018 February 22 by Andrew Leung

Blessed Pope Paul VI: “The smoke of Satan has entered the Church.”

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A Chinese Mass Setting
2018 February 01 by Andrew Leung

A Mass setting from the Far East composed by Fr. Si-Yan Tang.

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Cardinal Zen’s Open Letter
2018 January 30 by Andrew Leung

Cardinal Zen explaining the current situation of the Church in China.

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FREE • Chant Conducting Seminar
2018 January 25 by Andrew Leung

Register now!!! Free online seminar on Gregorian Chant Conducting with Dr. Jennifer Donelson

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