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Richard J. Clark is the Director of Music of the Archdiocese of Boston and the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. He is also Chapel Organist (Saint Mary’s Chapel) at Boston College. His compositions have been performed worldwide.
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Soloists are dangerous in any church choir! Their voices frequently do not blend with those of the other singers to form a rich, integrated tone.
— Roger Wagner

Saint Paul’s Choir School • Open Houses
published 27 September 2019 by Richard J. Clark

HE ONLY all boys Roman Catholic choir school in the United States, St. Paul’s Choir School, Harvard Square, is holding open houses soon (listed below). Additionally, the school is very happy to invite boys to “shadow” throughout the school day to get a hands-on experience. Financial aid is available. This is a special opportunity to explore a unique and life-changing Catholic education.

Educate & Elevate – Open Houses Following the Great Cathedral School Tradition

AINT PAUL’S Choir School provides boys in grades 3-8 with an extraordinary learning experience. SPCS integrates a rigorous, academic day school with the performance of choral masterworks at home, internationally, and with renowned groups such as the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Saint Paul’s features small classes and teaches the core subjects of Math, Literature, Social Studies, and Science along with Rhetoric, Latin, and Music Theory.

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Boys who enter Saint Paul’s Choir School need only an interest in singing. Choral instruction, rigor, and practice shape them into the beautiful chorus and choristers Saint Paul’s is known for.

SPCS CORDIALLY INVITES you and your son to our Open Houses and vocal auditions on the following dates:

Thursday, October 24 from 5:30-7:30 p.m.
Sunday, November 3 from 12:30-2:30 p.m.
Thursday, January 30 from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

For more information, click here to see our website or
click here to email Patrick Moran, Director of Admissions.

N A MORE PERSONAL NOTE, my son has begun his studies at Saint Paul’s Choir School. While he loved his previous school, he was thrilled to begin St. Paul’s. As parents, our interest in Saint Paul’s is just as much academic as it is musical (perhaps more). With academics—bolstered by new Headmaster, Dr. Thomas Haferd—coupled with unique performance opportunities, the boys are sought after by excellent high schools and colleges.

Most importantly, the boys are immersed in the traditions of the Catholic Faith, attending, and singing at Mass six days per week. They are guided by the Pastor and Senior Chaplain, Fr. William Kelly, who also graduated from St. Paul’s having studied with the school’s legendary founder and visionary, Theodore Marier. Notably it was at St. Paul’s where Fr. Kelly first considered the priesthood. (At the time it was called the Boston Archdiocesan Choir School. “St. Paul’s Choir School” is the original and current name.)

The greatest thing Saint Paul’s has to offer is its bedrock of Catholicism. Thomas Carroll, Superintendent of Schools for the Archdiocese of Boston implores that Catholic Schools embrace their Catholicism as their greatest strength. He writes in the Boston Pilot:

Some Catholic school leaders wrongly believe that they should de-emphasize faith as they seek to market their schools in a broadly secular society. This is a mistake. Given competition from free district schools and free charter schools, a Catholic school will not prevail by positioning itself as a tuition-charging secular (non-religious) school. Our schools can “go further with faith.” What Catholic schools offer is something more transcendent than any secular school can ever offer. This is our strength, not a weakness.