Learn To Sing SATB • “A New Approach!”

2019 May 30

Twelve (12) hymns are already available, with tons more on the way!

What Makes A “Catholic” Hymnal?

2019 May 29

I find the following pairings reprehensible…

St. Mary’s Cathedral Choir (Sydney, Australia)

2019 May 28

If you are interested in the great English Cathedral music tradition, please consider listening to these podcasts.

PDF Download • Palestrina “Gloria” w/ practice videos!

2019 May 23

Careful: the Alto line is surprisingly difficult!

Further Thoughts on Westminster Cathedral

2019 May 21

I am reminded of the care with which the Pieta was transported from the Vatican to New York City for the World's Fair in 1964 and I hope and pray that the Westminster Cathedral Choir will be treated with as much veneration and respect.

Installation of New Pipe Organ on Capitol Hill

2019 May 19

Noack Opus 162 built for St. Peter’s Church

PDF Download • Franz Liszt and Gregorian Chant

2019 May 17

Many would ask: “What is the purpose of posting such books? Are we supposed to sing from them?”

How Do You Mark Starting Pitches?

2019 May 16

Some might ask: “Why not just write the name of the note?”

1941 Mass (Chicago) mixed with 2017 Mass (FSSP)

2019 May 08

I can't remember if I ever released this “comparison” video…

To: Headmaster of Westminster Cathedral Choir School

2019 May 07

Like the great Cathedral of Notre Dame, this daily musical offering belongs not only to the Church in London and the British Isles, but to the universal Church.

“Common” Hymn Melodies • What are they?

2019 May 06

Choirmasters and organists understand how crucial flexibility is.

Lulu Coupon • But Notice The Expiration Date!

2019 May 06

These LULU coupons come and go…so watch the expiration date!

PDF Download • Complete Kyriale on Modern Staves!

2019 May 02

If you can read treble clef, you can read this edition … a brilliant idea!

Repertoire • Sacred Music Symposium 2019

2019 May 01

Sacred Music Symposium 2019