Sacra Liturgia 2019 in Toronto

2018 January 31

Dates for the next Sacra Liturgia conference have just been announced.

Cardinal Zen’s Open Letter

2018 January 30

Cardinal Zen explaining the current situation of the Church in China.

Repetition at the School Mass: “Do it again!”

2018 January 30

Grown up people are not strong enough to exult in monotony.

PDF Download • “Agnus Dei” … for Lent

2018 January 28

…including rehearsal videos for each individual voice!

The Hillbilly Thomists

2018 January 28

A New Dominican CD

Can You Sing Along to Monks?

2018 January 27

A video to supplement our local choir practices - a quick run through Missa Orbis Factor (also known as Mass XI) - the Gregorian Mass setting for Sundays during the year.

Septuagesima Sunday (Extraordinary Form)

2018 January 26

“The groans of death surround me, the sorrows of hell encompassed me…”

FREE • Chant Conducting Seminar

2018 January 25

Register now!!! Free online seminar on Gregorian Chant Conducting with Dr. Jennifer Donelson

English Prayers at EF Mass • How old are they?

2018 January 24

The English translation memorized by “Latin Mass” Catholics goes back centuries!

Forward, Ever Forward!

2018 January 23

One day, God willing, when He calls you into the New and Eternal Jerusalem, you will discover the eternal consequences of the offering of your widow's mite.

PDF Download • Dom Pothier Biography (1947)

2018 January 22

“Dom Pothier himself acted as an illustrator, decorating his work with vignettes, illuminated capitals, tailpieces, even full-page illustrations representing the mysteries of the Annunciation and Christmas.”

Dedication of the Cathedral Basilica of Mary, Queen of the World

2018 January 21

Three new choral works featured during this celebration on 13 October 2017.

PDF • “Hosanna” Catholic Hymnal (285 Pages)

2018 January 19

“Many choirs of children still use hymnals that are wretched from a musical and ecclesiastical standpoint…” —Fr. Ludwig Bonvin

Two Choral Works and Propers for Lent

2018 January 19

Chant-based works for Lent

3rd Sunday after Epiphany (Extraordinary Form)

2018 January 18

“…and behold a leper came and adored Him, saying, Lord, if Thou wilt Thou canst make me clean.”

Spanish Subtitles Added • Absolutely Superb!

2018 January 17

The interviews with young Catholics are truly awesome.

What If...

2018 January 16

Whether a Gothic cathedral in France, a rural Norman church in England or a Californian mission church, each one in its own way has the power to lift our eyes in contemplation of the New and Eternal Jerusalem.

Revealed • Sacred Music Symposium Dates!

2018 January 15

…and a marvelous surprise about who's coming…

Should Liturgy Be Practical?

2018 January 14

A Thought from G.K. Chesterton

St. Therese Carmelite School • Bright Ray Of Hope!

2018 January 12

Carmelite Friars teaching full time, Carmelite Spirituality, Euclid Geometry, Latin beginning in the second grade…

Msgr. Michael F. Groden’s Contribution to Sacred Music

2018 January 12

Quite curiously, the first full-time employee this developer and builder hired as pastor was a musician. A musician? Really? Yes.

PDF Download • Easy Hymn with Melody in Tenor

2018 January 11

Do you see how “Old Hundredth” can be used in the Tenor voice?

Don’ts for Choirmasters (Part 2)

2018 January 11

John Newton’s practical, spiritual and entertaining ideas and advice for choirmasters.

Does CCW Matter? Some Messages…

2018 January 10

“Keep on doing what you do; despite criticism.” —A reader

PDF Download • Hymnal (1,151 pages)

2018 January 08

I bet you've not seen this fascinating book!

Mutuality vs. Male Headship within Marriage

2018 January 07

Liturgical Evidence from Marriage Rituals throughout History

Tweaking Linebreaks Online with Gregorio

2018 January 06

You CAN add linebreaks with Illuminare Score Editor. All in the browser.

2018 • Christendom College Choral Scholarships!

2018 January 05

These will consist of $4,500 in tuition reduction and $1,500 toward voice lessons throughout the year.

PDF Download • Best Hymnal Ever Printed?

2018 January 04

If you like this, stay tuned—I'll soon release a 1,200 page treasure!

Don'ts for Choirmasters (Part 1)

2018 January 04

A recently-discovered manual for choir directors by John Newton.

Sound Does Matter!

2018 January 02

In a sense, I understood every word. As a matter of fact, I was beaten over the head by every one of them.