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Cynthia Ostrowski holds a bachelor's degree in Geographic Information Science and a minor in Computer Science from Texas A&M University Corpus Christi (2005). She is currently a stay-at-home mother of two children. A former GIS analyst, Cynthia's interests include photography, french horn, and singing polyphony.
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"Like all other liturgical functions, like offices and ranks in the Church, indeed like everything else in the world, the religious service that we call the Mass existed long before it had a special technical name."
— Rev. Adrian Fortescue (1912)

Los Angeles: Less Than A Week Away!
published 23 May 2016 by Cynthia Ostrowski

481 Sacred Mass Chalice AVE YOU EVER BEEN to the Latin Mass? How about a Solemn High Mass offered by the FSSP District Superior? How about a Mass where sixty people sing polyphony and Gregorian chant under the baton of famous conductors? How about Pontifical Benediction?

I have huge news!

We cordially invite you to a momentous event to be held TUESDAY (May 31st) in West Hollywood:

        4:30pm •• SOLEMN HIGH MASS —with FSSP District Superior

        7:00pm •• CONFIRMATION & BENEDICTION —with Archbishop José H. Gomez

        8:15pm •• CATERED DINNER —free to all who attend

(Please notice that Mass no longer begins at 3:30pm.)

        Location : Saint Victor Church, 8634 Holloway Drive, West Hollywood, CA 90069

479 Extraordinary Form liturgy OES YOUR SPIRITUAL LIFE need a boost? Do you feel a desire to draw closer to our Lord? Want to expose your children to the Extraordinary Form? Please come!  Taking part in these ceremonies with devotion would be a magnificent way to show gratitude to our Lord. Moreover, the feast on 31 May is “Queenship of Mary”—and our Lord has promised special graces to those who honor his mother.

Your presence will show Archbishop Gomez that he was correct to ask the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter to begin an APOSTOLATE in Los Angeles. In fact, there’s no better way to demonstrate how we Angelenos value the traditional liturgy.

By the way, the music will be sensational, because it’s being provided by the Sacred Music Symposium. Famous conductors are traveling here specifically to direct these ceremonies.

Please help us spread the word!

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