The Positive Impact Of Parish Events

2016 June 30

These things must begin at the parish level.

Do My Eyes Deceive Me?

2016 June 30

I've often told my choir members that before I die they will be singing from music displayed on some form of a tablet, but I never thought I'd see the Capella Sistina blazing the trail!

“Salve Virgo Singularis” • For Three Voices

2016 June 29

I cannot imagine a more powerful text.

Theology and Music

2016 June 28

I hope and pray the Church continues to raise up true artists who will bring the Gospel to the world through the greatest of all the Church's arts—Music.

Audio Samples • Can A Volunteer Choir Sing Excellent Music At Mass?

2016 June 27

If you think we weren't nervous to sing before so many … think again!

Wow! Take 35% off your purchase!

2016 June 27

The Goupil Graduals arrived this morning, and they look marvelous!

It's not about talent

2016 June 25

A church musician's work may well be priceless. We don't need to have gratitude for our natural talent, though talent can make life easier. The big honour is to serve God at the summit and source of Christian life.

Los Angeles Pontifical Mass • This Coming Sunday!

2016 June 24

We'll be joined by Bishop Athanasius Schneider, our FSSP District Superior, and several FSSP seminarians for a Solemn Pontifical Mass in Hollywood.

New Organ Work • Madonna & Child

2016 June 24

It took me—the composer—to realize this is really a work about mother and child.

Colloquium 2016 • Day 4

2016 June 24

Reflections on Offering a Colloquium Mass

Colloquium 2016 • Day 3

2016 June 23

The Organic Development of the Liturgy and the New Music Breakouts

“I will fear no evils, for thou art with me.”

2016 June 23

St. John Vianney was once overheard speaking directly to the Lord.

Made in China

2016 June 23

Gregorian Chant pew cards in Hong Kong.

Purchase Hard Copies of the Goupil Gradual

2016 June 22

Eight reasons why every choirmaster needs this new resource.

Colloquium 2016 • Day 2

2016 June 22

Explanatory Images from Wilko Brouwers

First Instance of “Alius Cantus Aptus”

2016 June 21

“The current rubrics of the missal … specify the moments when the celebrant must turn toward the people.” —Cardinal Sarah, 23 May 2016

Colloquium 2016 • Day 1

2016 June 21

A concert of early music by the ensemble “Pro-Arte Saint Louis”

“Vidimus Stellam Ejus In Oriente”

2016 June 20

Who could deny the text painting here?

Musical Resources • 5th Sunday after Pentecost

2016 June 19

“O God, Who hast prepared good things unseen for them that love Thee…”

Does the Mass Demand a Certain Level of Dignity?

2016 June 18

I started asking myself how anyone could argue against something like this. After all, isn't it good to share joy?

A Guardian of the Sacred Tradition in the South — Part 2

2016 June 16

Why is the Basilica community so lively and why are they growing so much?

Essential Resources • Psalm Tones for Mass Propers

2016 June 15

“The singing of the Communion Antiphon alone, which sufficed at sung Mass when Holy Communion was not given, is insufficient under the new conditions…” —Solesmes (1957)

New Gloria Mixing Plainsong w/ Polyphony

2016 June 14

… composed by a Franciscan monk!

The Theology of the Organ

2016 June 14

Let's put the organ back on the pedestal it rightfully deserves.

Congregational Singing in the Year 1903

2016 June 14

“The Ordinary of the Mass and the hymn at Vespers are the parts of Divine Service in which the congregation is supposed to join.” —Solesmes (1903)

Musical Resources • 4th Sunday after Pentecost

2016 June 12

“May the mysteries we have received purify us, we beseech Thee, O Lord…”

St. Agnes in NYC Entrusted to Opus Dei

2016 June 10

The Church of St. Agnes in Manhattan will be placed under the care of Opus Dei.

Two Concerts • Two Milestones • 101-rank E. & G. G. Hook & Hastings Organ, Opus 801

2016 June 10

2016 marks two milestones: the 140th Anniversary of the Dedication of the E. & G. G. Hook & Hastings, Opus 801 and the thirtieth anniversary of Leo Abbott’s tenure as Cathedral Music Director in Boston

My Recent Discovery

2016 June 09

I recently discovered some amazing Choral Works by Philip Stopford.

Rehearsal Videos • Masterpiece w/ Cantus Firmus

2016 June 09

Can you tell which voice is not mine?

Jeff Ostrowski's Symposium Talk • Released!

2016 June 08

Title: “Fifty Tips For Training Amateur Choirs”

Choral Repertoire

2016 June 07

I plan to do more of this in the future and I would recommend it to all others who direct any kind of church choir. Choir Communiqué • 3 June 2016

2016 June 03

Important information Re: Choir this week.

“Insidious Form” of Clericalism? A Jesuit Speaks Out

2016 June 03

“The presider claims a form of privilege to change things that do not belong to him...”