Too Many Options

2016 January 31

Allowing Adolescents to Choose Their Faith & the Wide-Open Permissions of the GIRM

Musical Resources • Sexagesima Sunday (EF)

2016 January 31

“Grant, we humbly beseech Thee, almighty God, that those whom Thou refreshest with Thy sacraments…”

Make a Digital Piano Sound Like an Organ

2016 January 30

Nothing beats a real pipe organ, but you may be able to put together a respectable substitute that you can lug into a church in a few bags.

The Vulnerability of Choral Singing

2016 January 29

The human voice voice is unique as it is the only musical instrument housed within our God given body. And those who sing before others utterly exposed and vulnerable.

Diocese of Marquette Taking a Brave Step

2016 January 28

Bishop John Doerfler's new Instruction on Sacred Music in Divine Worship.

Is the Latin Mass Dead?

2016 January 28

The Latin Mass is dead in a sense, its "rubrical growth" stopped in 1962.

Most Pure Heart Schola Cantorum in Rome (Part 2)

2016 January 27

Watch the debut of Colin Mawby's “Ave Maria” in Rome.

Not Your Grandmother’s Creed

2016 January 26

Composer David Haas posted a striking proclamation on his Facebook page.

Chosen Your Easter Alleluia Yet?

2016 January 26

It's time—and here's one you'll love.

Reflections on the Change of the Mandatum Rite

2016 January 25

A guest article by Mr. Michael Chan, who lives in Hong Kong.

Motet for Three Voices: “O Crux Ave”

2016 January 24

This piece is ideal for use as a motet during the veneration of the Holy Cross at the Good Friday liturgy.

Musical Resources • Septuagesima Sunday (Extraordinary Form)

2016 January 24

Yet the laborer called at the eleventh hour does not taste the joy reserved to one who has “worked and suffered without reckoning the hours.”

Angelus Bells and the Raspberry Pi

2016 January 23

Setting a computer up to do something useful, bringing together a credit card sized computer and some midi samples.

Lent is near.

2016 January 22

Looming over church musicians is a quick transition of liturgical seasons. Here are just a few liturgical works for Lent and Easter.

Free Downloads • Works by Cardinal Bartolucci (Part 1)

2016 January 21

Choral works by Cardinal Bartolucci, former director of the Sistine Chapel Choir, is available for download now!

Most Pure Heart Schola Cantorum … in Rome!

2016 January 20

The greatest gift was to be in Rome during the Holy Year of Mercy! Choir Communiqué • 19 January 2016

2016 January 19

Fr. Fryar has approved this plan.

Can You Hear The Purple In This Kyrie?

2016 January 19

Only one word describes Guerrero's musical genius: fearsome.

May 2016 • Major Choral Event In Dallas!

2016 January 18

A tremendously exciting moment in the Catholic musical world!

The Pope Who Had … A Child?

2016 January 17

Then the Pope declared that it was the motet's words—not its melody—which annoyed him.

Sacra Liturgia UK — Registration Now Open

2016 January 17

An International Conference on Liturgical Formation in Light of the New Evangelization

Musical Resources • 2nd Sunday after Epiphany (Extraordinary Form)

2016 January 17

“Sanctify, O Lord, the gifts we offer, and purify us from the stains of our sins…”

Why remember gruesome things

2016 January 16

The Roman Martyrology is a book of brief eulogies arranged for daily reading. Also great for expectant parents choosing names.

The American Boychoir Redefines the Choral Experience

2016 January 15

Please pray for all who educate our children through music!

Staggering Canonic Setting • “Gloria” from Mass III

2016 January 14

By the French Roman Catholic composer, Raphaël Mercier (d. 1953).

Fun Video • Classical Music Mashup

2016 January 13

This is what happen when you play multiple classical pieces together.

“Savior of EWTN” According To Raymond Arroyo

2016 January 12

“Karol Cardinal Wojtyla asked me hundreds of questions. We became friends. I have a cherished place for him in my heart.” —Bishop Gracida

Gregory Ceurvorst Harmonizing The Chabanel Psalms

2016 January 11

I saw something cool on YouTube.

Ludwig Passini: “Canons in the Church of St. Peter”

2016 January 11

Their garments resemble the “winter” cappa magna.

Whose Responsibility Is It To Establish New EF Communities?

2016 January 10

We must respect the vision of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

VIDEO • Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen & William F. Buckley

2016 January 09

In 1971, Sheen appeared on “Firing Line” and spoke about St. Augustine.

Letter To The FSSP Choir In Los Angeles

2016 January 09

There's something less scary you can do to help build up God's Kingdom.

Musical Resources • Feast of the Holy Family (Extraordinary Form)

2016 January 09

“O Lord Jesus Christ, who—in the days of thy sub­jec­tion to Mary and Joseph—didst consecrate home life by ineffable acts of virtue…”

Communion Antiphons for Lent • RCIA and Scripture

2016 January 08

Propers for Lent and their relationship with RCIA and the scriptures

The Miraculous Rise Of The Traditional Latin Mass

2016 January 08

A puzzling article appeared in the National Catholic Register by Msgr. Charles Pope.

The Theology of a C-sharp Minor Chord

2016 January 07

Every time I listen to this piece I'm still shocked.

Bishop René H. Gracida On Internet Porn

2016 January 07

“Parents, love your children and do your best to shield them from exposure to pornography.” —Bishop Gracida

A Faithful Bishop

2016 January 07

I am very thankful that I get to know Bishop Roger Foys of Covington, KY, who wrote a great letter and decree about the Mass back in 2011.

On Catholic Art

2016 January 06

It's time to renovate and reoccupy our own tradition!

Catholic Service to be Celebrated in the Chapel Royal

2016 January 05

What exciting news! The first Catholic service in centuries is to be celebrated in the Chapel Royal!

Rehearsal Videos • Kyrie “Beata Mater”

2016 January 05

By the mighty Francisco Guerrero!

Church Music: True Diversity Vs. False Diversity

2016 January 05

Liturgical progressives constantly praise the “stylistic diversity” of the Ordinary Form, but the truth is surprising.

Mental Prayer through Hymns

2016 January 02

The big misunderstanding about mental prayer illuminated by two different hymns and what you can do about it.

PDF Download • New Composition By Kevin Allen

2016 January 01

This SATB setting of “Jesu Dulcis Memoria” will help you start 2016 on the right foot!

Update • “Graduale Parvum” (English & Latin)

2016 January 01

They have now posted Advent for double-sided printing in book form.

Unprecedented • Orthodox Rabbinic Statement on Christianity

2016 January 01

I urge you to read this astonishing statement more than once to absorb its magnitude.

Chesterton on the Value of New Beginnings

2016 January 01

Thoughts on New Year's Day