Sacra Liturgia USA 2015 — New York City

2015 May 31

Look for updates throughout the coming week.

Musical Resources • Trinity Sunday (1962 Missal)

2015 May 30

The last time we sing “Vidi Aquam” is Pentecost Sunday; now we go back to “Asperges Me.”

The Key for Singing an OF Mass for the EF Musician

2015 May 30

It's almost 5 years since the new translation came out, but some EF musicians still haven't caught up. Here are some pointers for the musician who has been hiding under a musical rock for a decade.

Are We Humble Enough To Open The Door And Walk In?

2015 May 29

Anyone who knew him expected no less. But it was extraordinary to witness.

Polyphony (3 voices) by Morales with Hymn (2 voices) for the Holy Trinity

2015 May 28

Including rehearsal videos and special 13th-century hymn to the Most Holy Trinity.

Coolest Liturgical Image Of All Time?

2015 May 28

Fantastic photograph taken by our organist during Mass on Sunday…

Collaboration Between Artists

2015 May 28

Catholic artists need to work together more often.

Where Have All The Organists Gone?

2015 May 27

What will you do to keep the art of organ playing alive?

You Will Want To Print This Liturgical Article

2015 May 26

“Once familiar features of the preconciliar rite are now as remote to us as some obscure aboriginal ritual.” —Msgr. McManus (1980)

The Movie “I Confess” Shows A Liturgical Sensibility

2015 May 25

Throughout the movie, Hitchcock seems to imitate the liturgy.

Flashback • Pope Benedict XVI (Pentecost 2008)

2015 May 25

For reasons I don't fully understand, this chasuble was only worn once.

A Mini History of the Sequences

2015 May 24

At the height of their usage, there were proper sequences for nearly every Sunday and feast day.

A little bit of fun

2015 May 23

Heads and shoulders, knees and toes, in Latin with square note notation, to the tune well known in Australia.

Resources • Pentecost Sunday (1962 Missal)

2015 May 22

On Pentecost Sunday, the FSSP Superior General will visit our parish.

Veni Sancte Spiritus | Two Free Resources

2015 May 22

Two free resources for the Pentecost Sequence, "Veni Sancte Spiritus"

“Veni Creator Spiritus” • With An English Translation By Fr. Adrian Fortescue

2015 May 22

A plenary indulgence can be gained by singing the “Veni Creator Spiritus” publicly on Pentecost.

Is There a Best Way to Receive Communion?

2015 May 21

Receiving in the hand or on the tongue? Standing or kneeling?

Review • “American Catholic Hymnbook” (1992)

2015 May 20

“Hymns that are directed to the Trinity should not be used, no matter how familiar they may be.”

One Sure Way To Destroy Your Child's Musical Potential

2015 May 19

If you couldn't sing, you wouldn't be able to talk.

Josef Cardinal Frings & Pope Benedict XVI

2015 May 18

Joseph Ratzinger, an expert at the Council, was also the private secretary of Cardinal Frings, Archbishop of Cologne.

PDF Downloads • Vernacular Mass Settings Published During The 1960s

2015 May 18

If they were set upon avoiding the word “men,” I wish ICEL would have done something like “peace on earth to *those* of good will.”

Loading Choir Binders • Take II

2015 May 18

I'm afraid this article has no point.

Ascension • A Gorgeous Illumination

2015 May 16

“We pay more attention to singing when we are nervous.”

Resources • Sunday after the Ascension (1962 Missal)

2015 May 16

We are getting close to Pentecost, when the FSSP Superior General will visit our parish.

“Veni Sancte Spiritus” • Sing Directly From An Ancient Manuscript!

2015 May 16

Including an (optional) organ accompaniment you won't want to miss!

Memento Rerum Conditor

2015 May 16

The hymn most frequently appearing in the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary has finally made it to youtube!

Do not mistake competence for conservatism.

2015 May 15

The more knowledgeable a musician is about the Roman Rite, the Vatican II documents, and the GIRM, the more likely that musician is to be labeled “conservative” in their views. This is nonsense.

Novus Ordo Can Be Done Well!

2015 May 14

The Novus Ordo Mass can be done well—St. Josemaria and his successor did it!

“Omnes Gentes Plaudite” • Sequence For Ascension

2015 May 13

“The Staff used by Christ was the Cross…”

Will You Be A Hero?

2015 May 13

We need a few more people willing to give $5.00 per month—please help! Thank you!

Stephen Colbert: “I'm Not A Fan Of Guitar Masses”

2015 May 12

Perhaps it requires a comedian to realize that not all musical styles are appropriate for Mass.

The Ingredients of a Choir School (Part II)

2015 May 12

A choir school can be an immense help toward our goal of establishing a liturgical choir worthy of its name.

Heretical Hymns & Transformation

2015 May 12

I hope Dr. Tappan will tell us someday how such a transformation happened!

Stunning Hymn With 3-Voice Polypony You Will Want To Sing For Pentecost

2015 May 11

A story about Victoria—perhaps a myth—says Palestrina was jealous of his student's first drafts.

VIDEO • Watch Jeff Ostrowski Load Choir Binders

2015 May 11

Wow—did you ever see anyone load them this fast?

Credo Priests

2015 May 10

A statement of fidelity to the Church’s long-held doctrine concerning human sexuality & marriage.

Resources • 5th Sunday after Easter (1962 Missal)

2015 May 10

We are getting close to Pentecost, when the FSSP Superior General will visit our parish.

The difference between Anything and Everything.

2015 May 09

Where free choice can lead to chaos or paralysis.

Why Should We Sing the Psalms at Mass?

2015 May 08

if we do not sing the antiphons proper to the day—and the corresponding Psalm verses—we risk having a narrow view of the Psalms.

Pastoral Plan (Part 2 of 2)

2015 May 07

Point 3 and 4 of the Pastoral Plan of the Archdiocese of Atlanta. And you don't want to miss this Sacred Music Workshop!

Choir School Ingredients

2015 May 05

Now all you need are some children for the choir. Get started!

The Actual Vestments Of Pope Saint Pius V

2015 May 05

Let's be honest…those shoes look nice and comfy!

Video • “Vidi Aquam” Organ Accompaniment By Jeff Ostrowski

2015 May 04

The “Method of Gregorian Accompaniment” by Flor Peeters is excellent.

Bishop to Restore Traditional Order of the Sacraments of Initiation

2015 May 03

Baptism & Confirmation “go together like Easter and Pentecost.”

Taking the easy way out, relatively speaking

2015 May 02

Starting a collection of easier propers for the Extraordinary Form. A pair of Alleluias and two Offertory antiphons to start the ball rolling. Choir Communiqué • 1 May 2015

2015 May 01

New members!

Twelve (12) PDF Guides To Pronouncing Latin

2015 May 01

Fr. Carlo Rossini's is probably the best, but 11 more are also provided.

Resources • 4th Sunday after Easter (1962 Missal)

2015 May 01

The Communion can be written “Dum venerit” or “Cum venerit”—both are correct.

Bill Belichick and the Liturgy

2015 May 01

Bill Belichick, Gisele, Darelle Revis, and the Roman Rite.

In This Regard, The EF Cannot Compare To The OF

2015 May 01

If you're searching for “Cum vénerit Paráclitus,” you might want to check the *D* section…