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Veronica Brandt holds a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering. As editor, she has produced fine publications (as well as valuable reprints) dealing with Gregorian chant, hymnody, Latin, and other subjects. These publications are distinguished on account of their tastefulness. She lives in the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia, with her husband Peter and five children.
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"I am of the opinion, to be sure, that the old rite should be granted much more generously to all those who desire it. It’s impossible to see what could be dangerous or unacceptable about that. A community is calling its very being into question when it suddenly declares that what until now was its holiest and highest possession is strictly forbidden, and when it makes the longing for it seem downright indecent. Can it be trusted any more about anything else? Won’t it proscribe tomorrow what it prescribes today?"
— Pope Benedict XVI, writing in 1997

Scales and counterpoint
published 28 March 2015 by Veronica Brandt

oldsongbooks ECOND HAND BOOKS ARE GREAT. Just last week a friend was holding a book sale from the deceased estate of a music teacher and I found this little book of Two Part Exercise for Choirs by James Greenwood.

It pairs a simple slow diatonic scale with some counterpoint for sight reading. Make sure everyone knows how to sing a scale, then set half the group to sing the harmony – swap and repeat until you master each one.

The exercises are arranged in different keys in regular five line notation. I was half expecting some repetition of tunes, but the composer seems to have a knack for variety.

I thought this might be a good exercise for typing up music with lilypond-book, so here you can download the first ten exercises on a nice clear page. I’m keeping track of the project with github.

The book is available through the Internet Archive.

So there you go. Something for your choir and something for the one who types up music.

Happy Holy Week!