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Veronica Brandt holds a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering. As editor, she has produced fine publications (as well as valuable reprints) dealing with Gregorian chant, hymnody, Latin, and other subjects. These publications are distinguished on account of their tastefulness. She lives in the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia, with her husband Peter and five children.
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On leaving the Vatican after his abdication: “I was deeply moved. The cordiality of the farewell, also the tears of my collaborators. [His voice breaks with emotion.] On the roof of the Casa Bonus Pastor there was written in huge letters «Dio gliene renda merito» [“May God reward you”]. (The Pope weeps) I was really deeply moved. In any case, while I hovered overhead and began to hear the bells of Rome tolling, I knew that I could be thankful and my state of mind on the most profound level was gratitude.”
— Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI (23 May 2016)

Epiphany Proclamation
published 19 December 2015 by Veronica Brandt

Adoration of the Magi HEREBY ANNOUNCE THE RELEASE of the Proclamation of Moveable Feasts for 2016! You can download it here.

Many years ago (thirteen to be exact) the resident Parish Liturgical Experts gave me a manuscript to be typeset for the upcoming feast of the Epiphany. That was straightforward – the experts had done all the difficult part of arranging the words and music. I just typed it up.

In the following years, usually just after Midnight Mass, one Liturgical Expert would ask that dreaded question “Did you receive my email?” Then, on Christmas Day, I would take the words and fit them to the music to the best of my meagre ability.

It was not a thrilling job and I made sure the source code was available online for anyone else to take over from me, but still each year I was asked and each year I managed to put it together.

Then that particular Liturgical Expert passed away.

So now each Christmas I remember Mr Michael Pearce and fix up an Epiphany Proclamation, even though my local Latin Mass does not use it. Some years I have thought to let it slide only to be reminded by someone across the globe.

There is no compulsion to sing the Epiphany Proclamation or “de publicatione Festorum mobilium”. I have been told it is only for Cathedrals, but some parishes use it too. I am not a liturgical expert – I just type things up.