Catholic Line Art, Black and White • Installment #58

2014 September 30

Today's installment comes from the Feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist.

Unforgivable Sins

2014 September 29

The great Achilles' heel of church musicians.

Married Couples at the Synod

2014 September 28

Celibates have something to offer married couples, just as married couples have lessons to teach celibates.

Choirs give hope

2014 September 27

Like the precious ointment on the head, that ran down upon the beard, the beard of Aaron

Good Cop, Bad Cop

2014 September 26

What takes lasting root in liturgy are the things we discover for ourselves.

Confusions about Inculturation

2014 September 25

A false notion of inculturation has allowed for a vast profanation and paganization of Catholic life and worship.

Catholic Line Art, Black and White • Installment #57

2014 September 24

Here is a "catalogue" which clearly lists the woodcuts made available so far.

Are We Getting Dumber?

2014 September 24

In spite of all the progress our civilizations have made, the self-appointed "expert liturgists" are regressing.

Cardinal Lercaro: A Key Player In Liturgical Reform

2014 September 23

"This booklet made quite a splash. Even Paul VI had to publicly defend Cardinal Lercaro." — Aurelio Porfiri

Photographs • Cardinal Lercaro (Consilium President)

2014 September 23

Cardinal Lercaro (President of the Consilium) must not be mixed up with Cardinal Larraona (Prefect of the Sacred Congregation of Rites).

Fair-Weather Friends Of Good Liturgy & Pope Francis

2014 September 22

The catastrophic scandals in our Church, especially those perpetrated by members of the hierarchy, are an opportunity for us to place all of our trust in God.

VIDEO • Cardinal Burke Thoroughly Explains Catholic Teaching On Marriage

2014 September 22

A 52-minute interview with Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura.

Catholic Artists Society

2014 September 21

The Art of the Beautiful Lecture Series 2014-2015


2014 September 21

A New Book of Old Hymns 4th edition out now!

2014 September 20

60 hymns, 92 pages. Get 25% off with code MATEY25 now through 22 September - good for all books on Lulu

Many Questions | Pope Saint John Paul II’s Letter to Artists (Part 2)

2014 September 19

Saint John Paul stated: “The ‘beautiful’ was thus wedded to the 'true’”. Is there a standard for what is beautiful?

Have We Lost Our Sensitivity to Music?

2014 September 18

Educated people in the 19th century feared the influence of opera on moral character. We seem to have lost any sense of music’s power to corrupt us.

Weak-Kneed Prayers or Religious Patrimony?

2014 September 17

"How do we answer a question posed 30 years ago about learning prayers?" — Fr. Alan Guanella

Positive Liturgical Fruits Of Vatican II: Second Part

2014 September 17

I know people will attack me for saying this, but I’m against "concert Masses"—and I think that quote from "Sacrosanctum Concilium" backs me up.

Spectacular Video: Porfiri Conducts Requiem For Parents In China

2014 September 16

"As you notice, they sing the whole concert—seventeen pieces—all by memory. They are really amazing." — Aurelio Porfiri

Unchangeable Things

2014 September 15

"What stood out to me was the attention that Bishop Salvado gave to music…"

Can Church Musicians Learn From An Online Role-Playing Game?

2014 September 15

Let's help Catholics appreciate the richness of polyphonic music, which can be quite powerful.

A Catholic Nun Challenged Reagan As Vice-President … For The Communist Party!

2014 September 15

Are we surprised that authentic Church music died in the 1970s?

Update * Atonement Parish — San Antonio, Texas

2014 September 14

A consistently serious parish whose Pastor never deviates from Catholic doctrine.

The Meaning of Marriage

2014 September 14

Does This Mean That Cohabitation Is Okay Now?

PDF Download: "Pray the Mass" (1959) Booklet & Cards

2014 September 13

A booklet in PDF to download, plus a flashcard set and a slight digression into Lego(R).

Beauty and Liturgy | Pope Saint John Paul II’s Letter to Artists

2014 September 12

Saint John Paul calls artists to a great responsibility--but also gives a warning.

Breaking News: The Communion Hymn is an Optional Add-On

2014 September 11

Reading the General Instruction of the Roman Missal can bring many surprises. One of them has to do with the ubiquitous communion hymn.

Vatican Breaks Its Silence On Kneeling For Communion In The USA

2014 September 10

“When this Congregation gave 'recognitio' to your Bishops’ Conference, this was done on the condition that kneeling communicants are not to be denied Holy Communion." — Vatican Statement

A Good Reading

2014 September 09

"The thoughts of Fr. Barsotti are not devotional or pious, but essential." — Aurelio Porfiri.

That Inscrutable Creature On The Internet

2014 September 09

I've come to realize that truth & beauty should be loved for their own sake. Trying to "possess" them is silly.

Catholic Line Art, Black and White • Installment #56

2014 September 08

I will be releasing hundreds of these B/W religious line art drawings for free and instant download. These beautiful Catholic "woodcuts" were done with magnificent skill. "Download Free Traditional Catholic Clipart"

Fr. Alan M. Guanella Reviews The Jogues Missal

2014 September 08

"No other pew Missal has done such a beautiful job setting the Ordinary of the Mass." — Fr. Alan M. Guanella

Have We Lost The Church Music Battle?

2014 September 08

The traditional music still triumphs in one important area: parishes run by "no-nonsense" priests.

Bishop Sheen Speaks

2014 September 07

Pointers on Public Speaking

Richard Terry's Hymnal in PDF and paperback

2014 September 06

"There can be no doubt that it will conduce very much to the devotion and decorum of extra-liturgical worship and popular services to have one common manual of Hymns, which at once offers a suitable variety and prevents the undesirable introduction of amateur efforts and unedifying novelties."

Leadership, Authority, and the Power of Encouragement

2014 September 05

“Leave it to the ignorant and stupid who judge by counting only the faults. I can be grateful, and so must you be, for even one note, one wonderful phrase.” -- Pablo Casals

Mass Among the Poor

2014 September 04

Does it seem strange that religious orders dedicated to serving the poor would also be rediscovering the traditional Latin Mass?

Weddings: Some Practical Advice - The End of the Beginning, Part 2

2014 September 02

Finally getting through the Introductory Rites of the Nuptial Mass.

PDF Download: Mediator Dei Hymnal (1955)

2014 September 02

This book's editor had the reputation of being a "walking encyclopedia" of American hymnology…

When Disobedience Is Not Only Good, But Necessary!

2014 September 02

"The majesty of divine worship is not only disapproved by evil men, but defiled and held up to ridicule." — Pope Gregory XVI

Barack Obama & Catholic Sacred Music

2014 September 01

I wish somebody had explained this to me in 2005, when I began working for the Ordinary Form.