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Richard J. Clark is the Director of Music of the Archdiocese of Boston and the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. He is also Chapel Organist (Saint Mary’s Chapel) at Boston College. His compositions have been performed worldwide.
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“What will be the results of this innovation? The results expected, or rather desired, are that the faithful will participate in the liturgical mystery with more understanding, in a more practical, a more enjoyable and a more sanctifying way.” [Enjoyable?]
— Pope Paul VI (26 Nov 1969)

Saint Paul’s Choir School ~ Top 5 on the Billboard Charts
published 12 December 2014 by Richard J. Clark

HE SAINT PAUL’S CHOIR SCHOOL, Harvard Square, founded in 1963 by the legendary Theodore Marier, has recently enjoyed a flurry of national publicity surrounding their new CD “Christmas in Harvard Square” on Decca/AimHigher Recordings/UMC. Under the direction of John Robinson and accompanied by organist Dr. Jonathan Wessler, the CD was produced by Grammy Award winner Blanton Alspaugh.

Released in October of this year, it opened on the No. 2 spot on Billboard Magazine’s overall Classical Traditional Chart. During the nine weeks since its release, it has remained in the top 5 on the Classical Traditional Chart. Additionally, it listed last week at No. 4 on the Holiday Albums Chart and No. 10 on the Classical Albums Chart.

      * *  Order the CD here: Christmas in Harvard Square • Saint Paul’s Choir School | Harvard Square You can also view the track list and listen to samples. It is also available on iTunes and Amazon.

ECENT NATIONAL TELEVISED APPEARANCES include a Christmas Special on PBS as well as a segment on “Fox and Friends.” During this segment, Music Director John Robinson was asked about the boys’ typical day and rehearsal time. While discussing their extensive rehearsal in addition to demanding academics, Robinson quite notably points out that “…the highlight of our day is always singing the mass that happens at 12:10 in the beautiful acoustics of St. Paul’s Church.” You can watch the entire segment here:

      * *  Here is a detailed review of “Christmas in Harvard Square” by Michael Olbash on One Peter Five. Of the many details Mr. Olbash discusses, one comment stands out as it reflects this music the context of faith:

Many choral ensembles include Gregorian chant in concert programs and recording projects as novelty items which tend to sound like precious, fragile museum pieces. In contrast, the two Gregorian introits on this recording — Dominus Dixit and Puer Natus Est — were lively and expressive, the kind of chant singing which can only be achieved when the Gregorian plainsong is part of the living, daily prayer life of a choral ensemble. (emphasis added)

F YOU ARE IN THE BOSTON AREA you can view their concert series and buy tickets online here. Their last concert was sold out, so buy tickets now!

Finally, if you know a talented third or fourth grade boy, you can learn more about “How to Become a Choirboy.” This provides information about admissions, tuition, and opportunities at the Saint Paul’s Choir School. This is an extraordinarily unique Catholic education that may open many unexpected doors. The passion and discipline of music in the context of a faith-filled Catholic education lead to success not only in higher education, but potentially in all matters of life.