PDF Download: Saint Mark's Hymnal For Catholics In The United States (1910)

2014 December 31

I bet you don't own this important historical hymn book!

“A Pathetic, Unenforceable Patchwork Of Rhetoric” & The Latin Mass

2014 December 30

"Many of those who have influenced the reform have no love, and no veneration of that which has been handed down to us." —Secretary of the Consilium

UPDATE * Latin Mass Will Remain In Hollywood

2014 December 29

The Ancient Form of Mass will be offered indefinitely at St. Victor Church every Sunday at 7:00pm.

Video: "Make Me To Know Your Ways, O Lord"

2014 December 29

A hauntingly beautiful composition by Aurelio Porfiri. How wonderful to hear God's praises resound in Macau, China!

Fr. Jay Finelli Weighs In On The Jogues Missal

2014 December 29

"This section immediately brought to mind my mother’s old hand missal." —Fr. Jay Finelli

Musical Resources • Sunday Within The Octave Of Christmas

2014 December 28

We will NOT be singing "Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer" for Communion!

A Close Friend & Advisor To Hans Küng Reacts To Our Recent Posting Of A Breviary From 1967

2014 December 27

"I regretted the loss of the beautiful Latin cadences and sonorous chant but appreciated the understanding brought by the English translation…" —Thomas Riplinger

A New Resolution - to read the Bible in a year

2014 December 27

About five different plans for studying the Bible from a Catholic perspective.

Scripture, Sacred Music, and the Actions of Our Lives

2014 December 26

Let’s not minimize the role of the psalms in the mass to the Responsorial! Plus a FREE download of the Epiphany Communion antiphon.

‘Twas in the Moon of Wintertime

2014 December 26

The Huron Carol of St. Jean de Brébeuf

Catholic Line Art, Black and White • Installment #63

2014 December 25

Today's installment is from the first Mass of Christmas.

“Don't Cross Out Christ On Christmas” — Wrong!

2014 December 24

This myth shows great ignorance of ancient (Roman Catholic) manuscripts!

Musical Resources • Christmas Midnight Mass

2014 December 24

We will NOT be singing "Frosty The Snowman" for Offertory!

Only the Dawn

2014 December 24

Beginning with Christmas, we celebrate a new era…

PDF Download: Rossini "Parochial Hymnal" (1936)

2014 December 23

Your Christmas present from Corpus Christi Watershed!

More On Secular Music At Mass … John Lennon?

2014 December 23

It might just be my imagination, but isn’t the John Lennon’s “So this is Christmas” the same as that Alleluia?

Pope Paul VI • “Sacrificum Laudis” (15 Aug 1966)

2014 December 22

The most progressive pope imaginable who's given the Church a new direction? Are they aware of this letter?

Remembering Domenico Cardinal Bartolucci

2014 December 22

My teacher and inspiration…

PDF Download: Complete "Graduale Romanum" In English (202 pages)

2014 December 22

Did you know the entire Roman Gradual was set to English texts in 1984?

Progressive Solemnity

2014 December 21

A Reverse Concept?

Sixteen (16) Christmas Carols … In Latin!

2014 December 20

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer … Hark! The Herald Angels Sing … Jingle Bells … White Christmas … and more!

FSSP.la Choir Communiqué • 19 December 2014

2014 December 19

Containing the "secret word" and more…

I am a fraud: A Life of Service

2014 December 19

The richness of liturgical worship is what draws may of us in –- for life.

Musical Resources • 4th Sunday of Advent

2014 December 19

Christmas draws nigh!

Solemn High Christmas Midnight Mass • Hollywood

2014 December 18

Oh, please help us spread this exciting news!

PDF Download: Dominican Breviary From 1967

2014 December 18

The book is so large, it must be downloaded in sections.

A Fond Farewell

2014 December 18

Changes in my personal life have made it necessary for me to curtail my blogging activity, and so this blog will be my last—at least for a time.

How Well Did Your Parents Know The Mass?

2014 December 17

PDF Download: Order of Mass (Latin & English) printed in THE CROWN HYMNAL of 1911.

PDF Download: Hymns of the Dominican Missal & Breviary • Fr. Aquinas Byrnes (1943)

2014 December 17

Containing literal and poetic translations, author biographies, meter explanations, and much more!

Catholic Line Art, Black and White • Installment #62

2014 December 16

Today's installment is a rare image of the Last Supper.

“The Gloves Are Off” — Jonathan Gruber & The Traditional Mass

2014 December 15

"The faith of many was quite infantile, I would say." —Paul Inwood, talking about preconciliar Catholics

Risuoni La Mia Bocca

2014 December 15

Liturgical song composed in honor of Saint Cecilia and performed in Rome.

Musical Resources • 3rd Sunday of Advent

2014 December 13

Including "Creator Alme Siderum" with English Translation by Rev. Adrian Fortescue.

"The Experience After The Council Was So Strong And In Some Cases Violent…" —Cardinal Burke

2014 December 13

6 December 2014 interview with Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke by GloriaTV.

Knitted thuribles and other toys

2014 December 13

Something I unvented (thank you Elizabeth Zimmerman) and also something else.

Saint Paul’s Choir School ~ Top 5 on the Billboard Charts

2014 December 12

"Christmas in Harvard Square" opened on the No. 2 spot on Billboard Magazine’s Classical Traditional Chart and has remained in the top 5 since.

What They Didn't Tell You About Psalm Tone VIII

2014 December 11

Even the “Liber Usualis” omits critical information about Tone VIII.

The Importance of Singing Carols

2014 December 11

Let us make a point of singing good carols as much as we can throughout the whole Christmas season, rather than imitating a world that stops celebrating on December 26th.

Review: An English Gradual (Belmont Abbey, 2013)

2014 December 10

For myself, I prefer the liturgy entirely in Latin or entirely in the vernacular. Others will disagree.

Any Hope For Modern Catholic Hymnody? Yes!

2014 December 09

Major publishers include Haugen's verse “not in some heaven, light-years away”—what can be done about it?

A Meeting With Angela Ambrogetti

2014 December 08

In Rome, Aurelio Porfiri interviews a respected Vaticanist about the Pope, Curia, and more.

The Polyphonic Piece Your Choir Has Been Desiring!

2014 December 08

As an added bonus, the score contains solfege markings!

Sound the Bell of Holy Freedom

2014 December 07

Hymn for the World Meeting of Families 2015

FSSP.la Choir Communiqué • 6 December 2014

2014 December 06

Three (3) exciting numbers!

Musical Resources • 2nd Sunday of Advent

2014 December 06

Including scores, audio files, and organ accompaniments.

The Christmas Album for 2014

2014 December 06

Young men singing the medieval carol Gaudete in the crypt of St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney.

Latin Mass In Los Angeles • THIS SUNDAY!

2014 December 05

"I'm not one of those Novus Ordo = bad, Tridentine = good people…" —Carlos de Quesado

Marian Meditations on RJC Cecilia Music

2014 December 05

When I was young, I never viewed the Blessed Virgin Mary as a great source of inspiration for composition. How wrong that turned out to be!

Resurgent in the Midst of Crisis

2014 December 04

A new book for those who are struggling to understand what has happened to the noble liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church and how we might find our way out of this crisis.

The Actual Authentic Writing Of Palestrina

2014 December 03

Colin Mawby, former Master of Music at Westminster Cathedral, travels to Rome in this video, letting you see an original manuscript of Palestrina.

Holy Days of Obligation: Immaculate Conception

2014 December 03

A few questions about obligation to attend Mass on the Immaculate Conception.

Catholic Line Art, Black and White • Installment #61

2014 December 02

Today's installment is a rare image of the "Immaculate Conception."

Exclusive Interview • Msgr. Valentino Miserachs (Basilica of Saint Mary Major, Rome)

2014 December 01

"What is the role of Liturgical Music?"

The Current Missal Specifies When To Face the Altar & When To Face The People

2014 December 01

The phrase "ad populum conversus" does appear in the postconciliar books, and no amount of polemical articles can change this fact.