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“The free space which the new order of Mass gives to creativity it must be admitted, is often excessively enlarged. The difference between the liturgy with the new liturgical books, as it is actually practiced and celebrated in various places is often much greater than the difference between the old and new liturgies when celebrated according to the rubrics of the liturgical books.”
— Cardinal Ratzinger (1998)

Holy Michael Archangel
published 28 September 2013 by Veronica Brandt

Jaume Huguet's St Michael Not one, but two hymns that the omniscient Google didn’t know about, in honour of St Michael the Archangel.

The first, an unattributed gem from The English Catholic Hymn Book (W. Knott & Sons, Revised and augmented edition 1955)

1. Holy Michael, great Archangel,
Nerve thine arm and bare thy sword,
Lead us with thy dazzling legions,
In the battle for the Lord:
Sure defence and trusty safeguard,
Let thy mighty strength afford.

2. Not with flesh and blood we wrestle,
Not as man with man contend,
But against the powers of darkness,
Who on craft and lies depend:
Treachery and shame and violence,
All the cause of Hell befriend.

3. Through God’s threefold fair creation,
Through the earth, the sea, the sky,
Wander Satan’s loathly spirits,
Luring souls of men to die:
Cast them down, O Prince of Angels,
By the power of God most high.

4. All who pouring out their life blood,
More than conquer in the fight,
All who in th’ unequal combat,
Fall beneath the oppressor’s might:
Christ the King’s great Standard-Bearer,
Lead into the Holy Light!

Download the sheet music of this hymn set to the tune Regent Square HERE

The second, a translation of Te splendor et virtus Patris by F C Husenbeth (1796-1872):

1. The splendour of the Father’s rays,
Thee, our heart’s life, we gladly praise,
Jesus, our hymns to Thee we bring,
And 'midst Thy prostrate Angels sing.

2. Ten thousand warriors armed on high,
Embattled angels fill the sky:
Michael the conquering chief appears,
On high the glorious cross he rears.

3. He with salvation’s sign unfurl’d,
The dragon down the abyss has hurled,
The rebels with their chief are driv’n,
Scathed by the lightning flash, from Heav’n.

4. Then faithful at the chieftain’s side
Pursue the hateful king of pride,
Till from the Lamb a heavenly crown
Rewards us with unquenched renown.

5. To God the Father glory give,
To God the Son through whom we live,
The like, O Holy Ghost, to Thee,
Which ever was, shall ever be.

Download this hymn set to the tune Old Hundredth HERE

What’s your favourite tribute to St Michael?