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Veronica Brandt holds a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering. As editor, she has produced fine publications (as well as valuable reprints) dealing with Gregorian chant, hymnody, Latin, and other subjects. These publications are distinguished on account of their tastefulness. She lives in the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia, with her husband Peter and six children.
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I want to say one thing to you strongly, especially today: virginity for the Kingdom of God is not a “no,” it is a “yes!”
— Pope Francis (10/4/2013)

Divided we fall
published 26 April 2013 by Veronica Brandt

FRIEND SENT A LINK to this new movie Divided. “Philip [the presenter] discovers the shockingly sinister roots of modern, age-segregated church programs, and the equally shocking evidence that the pattern in the Bible for training future generations is at odds with modern church practices.”

There are many good points raised here: the responsibility of parents, the primacy of the family for forming children, the many young people falling away from practising Christianity, the gulf between Christianity as marketed to young people and a mature adult Christanity.

Where does this come into the choir loft? Well, much of the heat in debates over music at Mass revolves on the issue of being relevant or a quaint historical showpiece. We are in the world, but not of the world. There is a balance between reaching out to mainstream culture and keeping our own Christian culture alive.

Archbishop Fulton Sheen is quoted as saying “If the Church should marry the modern age, she would find herself a widow”. As Catholics we have an amazing heritage going back to Christ Himself. He is the reason for our music. Young and old and everyone in between brought into communion with Him.