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Beautiful liturgical music happened—in a hotel ballroom, no less!

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World Youth Day with polyphony and chant!
2016 April 12 by Chris Mueller

Help us bring polyphony and chant to World Youth Day!

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The Domestic Church and the domestic schola
2016 February 29 by Chris Mueller

The family that sings together prays together.

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On Catholic Art
2016 January 06 by Chris Mueller

It’s time to renovate and reoccupy our own tradition!

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Rediscovering “Musicam Sacram”
2015 October 12 by Chris Mueller

I encountered anew this wonderfully clear and concise document about music in the liturgy.

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A Striking Approach To Performing Gregorian Chant
2015 September 21 by Chris Mueller

A commenter had posted, “Their metrical chant is a revelation!” That piqued my curiosity.

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Liturgy And Diversity
2015 September 07 by Chris Mueller

“His answer was surprising to me, and I thought it both prudential and catholic.” —Chris Mueller

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Christopher Mueller
2013 January 03 by Corpus Christi Watershed

Christopher is a church musician, conductor, and composer…

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