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Fr. Samuel Weber is undoubtedly one of the modern masters of setting English chant.

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Garbage in, Garbage out
2015 March 18 by Andrew R. Motyka

“Lex orandi, lex credendi” works both ways.

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Permission Needed to Replace the Propers?—(5 of 7)
2015 February 24 by Andrew R. Motyka

The practical end of formal approval.

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Truth, Beauty, and Pop Culture, Part 1
2015 February 03 by Andrew R. Motyka

In which I take unpopular stances about popular things.

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The American Idolization of Liturgy
2015 January 07 by Andrew R. Motyka

Sometimes I wish people didn’t have so many opinions about the liturgy.

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Only the Dawn
2014 December 24 by Andrew R. Motyka

Beginning with Christmas, we celebrate a new era…

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Holy Days of Obligation: Immaculate Conception
2014 December 03 by Andrew R. Motyka

A few questions about obligation to attend Mass on the Immaculate Conception.

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Eyes on Your Own Paper
2014 November 12 by Andrew R. Motyka

The importance of focusing on our own work.

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Prepared to Receive: the Importance of Disposition
2014 November 05 by Andrew R. Motyka

Warm-ups and reverent liturgy.

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The rest of the Wedding liturgy, and some miscellaneous advice.

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Weddings: Some Practical Advice - Word and Vows
2014 October 01 by Andrew R. Motyka

Liturgy of the Word and the Rite of Marriage.

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Finally getting through the Introductory Rites of the Nuptial Mass.

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Some thoughts on the Introductory Rites for the Nuptial Mass.

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Weddings: Some Practical Advice - Introduction
2014 August 20 by Andrew R. Motyka

A curmudgeonly introduction to a series on wedding advice.

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Important Resources for Liturgical Reform (6 of 7)
2014 August 13 by Andrew R. Motyka

Some free resources for Cantor, Choir, and Organ for furthering the liturgical reform in your parish.

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A Different Offering
2014 July 30 by Andrew R. Motyka

What about NOT having congregational song during the Offertory?

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Simple steps to start moving from the “average” Catholic music program to a more reverent liturgy.

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CMAA Colloquium and Hoosier Hospitality
2014 July 09 by Andrew R. Motyka

People should always be valued more than systems, and so it was with this gathering.

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Archbishop Sample's Letter On Sacred Music (3 of 8)
2014 June 18 by Andrew R. Motyka

We need to avoid profanity “not only in itself, but in the manner in which it is presented by those who execute it.”

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Laudate Dominum Communion Antiphons
2014 May 28 by Andrew R. Motyka

A full set of free English settings of the Communion antiphons for cantor, organ, and congregation.

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