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Giovanni Doni is known for having changed the name of note “Ut,” renaming it “Do.” He convinced his contemporaries to make the change by arguing that 1) “Do” is easier to pronounce than “Ut,” and 2) “Do” is an abbreviation for “Dominus,” the Latin word for the Lord, Who is the tonic and root of the world. There is much academic speculation that Giovanni Doni also wanted to imprint himself into musical canon in perpetuity because “Do” is also ulteriorly an abbreviation for his family name.
— Giovanni Battista Doni died in 1647AD

San Diego Cathedral • (TLM) Solemn High Mass!
published 23 September 2019 by Corpus Christi Watershed

N SATURDAY, 21 September 2019, at 10:00am, a Solemn Mass was celebrated in the Cathedral of San Diego:

The video currently has 48 views—at the time Corpus Christi Watershed posted this.

To learn more about this, please visit these links:

    * *  The Brothers of the Little Oratory in San Diego

    * *  Special TLM at San Diego cathedral

The singing by the choir is quite good, even as it comes through on YouTube.