Brave Schola Director Posts iPhone Recording

2019 September 30

Sometimes the obstacles faced by choirmasters seem completely overwhelming.

Saint Paul’s Choir School • Open Houses

2019 September 27

Saint Paul Choir School cordially invites you and your son to thier Open Houses and vocal auditions on the following dates:

New Brébeuf Review! • “Society for Catholic Liturgy”

2019 September 24

“The editors of the Brébeuf Hymnal have done a great service to the profession.” —Aaron James, Ph.D.

So... You Can't Visit a Choir School

2019 September 24

Choir Schools would help to fill our parishes with congregations and choir members who would expect real sacred music sung to a high degree…

Art of the Beautiful Lecture Series 2019-2020

2019 September 24

A project of The Catholic Artists Society in NYC

San Diego Cathedral • (TLM) Solemn High Mass!

2019 September 23

Someone took a YouTube recording, and the singing is quite good.

PDF Download • Palestrina Kyrie “Fons Bonitatis”

2019 September 20

This is part 1 of 3 — and the other parts will be released soon.

Sense and Sensibility

2019 September 19

This lesson is no less true in the realm of sacred music than it is in the realm of lovers.

Catholics Get The “Chants” of a Lifetime…

2019 September 18

“I was expecting a lot, and it was more than I expected,” Sutherland said.

“Dies Irae” • Why Does It Appear In So Many Movies?

2019 September 16

Veronica Brandt wrote about this in 2014. This morning, VOX made her article into a YouTube.

This Is a Cathedral, Not Disneyland

2019 September 15

Several English cathedrals hosted peculiar amusements this summer.

($54,000 per year) • FSSP San Diego Seeks Choirmaster

2019 September 13

It seems Fr. Lyons offered the position to a candidate who later decided not to accept.

Photographs • Père Daniel Kyriale (126 pages)

2019 September 11

The beauty of the Gregorian Kyriale cannot be stopped—and Saint Antoine Daniel is the perfect patron for this!

“How To Begin Choir Practice” • (A Suggestion)

2019 September 11

How one *begins* a rehearsal is crucial.

PDF Download • “Alleluia Choral Extension” (EF + OF)

2019 September 10

This may look simple on paper, but it sounds *incredible* when sung by a full choir. Guerrero rocks!

When People Lie About Hymns Unwittingly

2019 September 09

As a young man, I came into contact with an organist who claimed there was no such thing as a “Recessional,” insisting that I was wrong and foolish to use that term.

PDF Download • Chant Notation—Nuptial Blessing (EF)

2019 September 08

With permission from the CDF, the nuptial blessing at a sung EF Mass may be chanted according to this melody.

Revealed! • A Fascinating Mass Rubric Very Few Know

2019 September 07

“How surprised people would be next Sunday to see the direction being carried out!” —1943 article

Leo Abbott to Rededicate Landmark E. & G. G. Hook & Hastings Organ, Opus 801

2019 September 06

This pipe organ will be heard as it has never been in our lifetimes.

Do You Know Credo VII ??

2019 September 04

A wonderful medieval Credo, published with “Imprimatur” from 1924.

Brébeuf #654 • “On Jordan’s Bank The Baptist’s Cry”

2019 September 03

Sung to the wonderful tune of “Winchester New.”

The 1961 Code of Rubrics • Pope St. John XXIII

2019 September 03

I would not argue with someone who called this document curious, or even bizarre. It was only in effect for a few years.

Let the Fun Begin

2019 September 03

I have been searching for ways to bring more choristers into the choir…

Brébeuf #655 • “Hark! A Voice” (Advent Hymn)

2019 September 02

A beautiful English translation of “En Clara Vox Redarguit” by Fr. Fitzpatrick.

Brébeuf #657 • “O Come, Divine Messiah” (Advent)

2019 September 02

You can hear the individual tracks if you visit the source website.

I. Was. Dead. Wrong.

2019 September 02

Setting the record straight.

PDF Download • Handy Solfège Chart (Printable)

2019 September 02

I have no idea whether this will be of use to anyone, but here it is…