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We cannot exaggerate our indebtedness to Dr. Julian’s “Dictionary of Hymnology,” a monumental work, without which we could not have reached the high standard of accuracy, as to both texts and authorship, which we set before us when entering upon our labours.
— Committee for “New English Hymnal” (1906)

“First Images” • Sacred Music Symposium 2019
published 3 July 2019 by Corpus Christi Watershed

HIS YEAR’S Sacred Music Symposium lived up to its reputation as the preëminent summer conference for musicians who take seriously their commitment to authentic Roman Catholic music. Over the next few months, numerous recordings will be released. Promotional materials were released in advance of this year’s conference. Participants came from all over the United States, and several other countries as well. This KYRIE, conducted by Dr. Alfred Calabrese (during the first Holy Mass of Fr. Luc Poirier, FSSP), was recorded live:

    * *  PDF Download • KYRIE (Palestrina)

We were sent several “raw stills” from Pacheco Films, which is producing a short film about the Sacred Music Symposium: