Is The Brébeuf Hymnal Too Scrupulous?

2018 May 31

Why so much deliberation over every choice? Why so much discussion about a single stanza, or even a single word?

Summer Sacred Music Workshop 2018

2018 May 31

Summer Sacred Music Workshop 2018 in Charlotte, NC!

Can Plainsong Be Harmonized? • (Rehearsal Video)

2018 May 28

I included several nasty “Medicæa” harmonizations from the 19th century…

How Serious Are They About The Accent?

2018 May 28

Mode 7 is one of the “tricky” psalm tones.

Marian Concert: Carmelite Sisters and Credo Choir

2018 May 27

The Carmelite Sisters at Santa Teresita rarely sing for the public.

The Centrality of the Sign of the Cross

2018 May 27

The Roman Rite revolves around this sign of our salvation

Rehearsal videos • Missa “Ave Maris Stella” (Victoria)

2018 May 22

The Alto line goes down low a few times—but in those days, men might have sung this.

Benedictines in Tasmania a Year Already

2018 May 19

The Notre Dame Priory continues to attract postulants and may have found a permanent home.

“Outer Space Hymn” (1966) • In A Catholic Hymnal

2018 May 16

“And as we float along through outer space, Toward other worlds where brothers may await…” (Imprimatur 1966)

Too Much Emphasis On Liturgy? • A Response

2018 May 15

Perhaps the supposed over emphasis on the Liturgy among younger Catholics today is just a response to its devaluation since the 1960s.

Serving Latin Mass • Learn from FSSP Seminarians!

2018 May 14

Sensational opportunity for Roman Catholic boys of all ages!

Fota XI Liturgy Conference

2018 May 13

This annual conference will be held July 7–9, 2018 in Cork, Ireland.

Hereford Cathedral Choir to Sing at the Vatican

2018 May 10

The Hereford Cathedral Choir has been invited to sing Mass at St. Peter's Basilica.

Los Angeles • Audio Excerpts from Solemn Mass

2018 May 09

Posting choral singing captured by a pocket recorder is always risky…

“Pater Noster” by Monsignor Jules Van Nuffel

2018 May 08

A “contemporary” composer who's inspired me since 1998.

11:00am Choir Page

2018 May 06

9:00am Choir Page

2018 May 06

The Wethersfield Institute Chant Workshop

2018 May 06

The focus of this workshop is training in the singing, teaching, and directing of Gregorian chant.

“Priests of God, bless the Lord!” • Practice Video

2018 May 04

“Sacerdotes Dei” — Introit for the Ordination of Priests

PDF Download • A “Bright” Eucharistic Hymn

2018 May 01

Could there be a nicer hymn than this? It is fresh and glorious.