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Father Charles Garnier, the Apostle to the Hurons and the Petuns, has left a memory of exceptional heroism. In the last moments of the agony that ended in his death, he tried with his waning energies to save the soul of another.
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“The authority of the Pope is not unlimited. It is at the service of Sacred Tradition. Still less is any kind of general ‘freedom’ of manufacture, degenerating into spontaneous improvisation, compatible with the essence of faith and liturgy. The greatness of the liturgy depends—we shall have to repeat this frequently—on its lack of spontaneity.”
— Josef Cardinal Ratzinger (2000)

Fr. Magiera Reviews The Campion Hymnal
published 12 January 2017 by Corpus Christi Watershed
|The following review was posted on the St. Joseph Parish Facebook:

475 Campion Missal IMAGE HE CAMPION Missal/Hymnal is just about the best general worship resource for people who attend the Traditional Latin Mass. Why? Well, first of all, Sunday is the primary day of worship for the Catholic in the week, and this book is a complete SUNDAY MISSAL, containing Mass Propers for every Sunday of the year. Not only that, it has the Propers for any Holy Day that can (if necessary) replace a Sunday Mass, such as All Saints, the Immaculate Conception, and Christmas. In fact, this book contains the propers of all First Class Feasts—even those that are not Holy Days of Obligation—and five important Second Class feasts, such as Candlemas and the Transfiguration. It also contains the Nuptial Mass, Funeral Mass, and the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation. Moreover, the complete Mass ordinaries are provided—in Latin and English, of course—from the beginning Sign of the Cross through the Last Gospel, for both the Solemn Mass and the Low Mass. Both of these renderings are accompanied by beautiful photos so even the novice should be able to follow the Mass rather easily.

With regard to music, it contains all 18 Chant Masses (Gregorian chant settings of the Mass ordinary), all six Credos, over 150 hymns in English, and 16 simple Gregorian Chants. It even contains proper Prefaces and the special Communicantes and Hanc Igitur—the third and fourth prayers, respectively, of the Canon of the Mass—which may vary according to the liturgical season (for example, Christmas and Pentecost). In its pages are several devotions and prayers as well. Throughout the volume, you can find scattered illustrations, photos, and reproductions of historical manuscripts. To top it all off, it has various indices, including a hymn tune title index and a hymn tune metrical index, for those who might take a scholarly interest.

What this all means is that, for Sundays, First Class Feasts and a few Second Class Feasts, you can leave your hand missals at home. Nothing to bring with you, nothing to misplace or, worse, lose. Check it out at Campion Website.

                                  Fr. Magiera
                                  St. Joseph Catholic Church
                                  Rockdale, IL

Father Michael Magiera, FSSP—formerly a professional opera singer—has often been featured by the Catholic media (e.g. here and here). His first Mass, offered in 2005 in Philadelphia’s Cathedral Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul, was quite spectacular, and had around 40 clerics who attended in choro. This photograph shows the packed Cathedral.