Why Did Vatican II Happen?

2016 September 29

These might not constitute the most perfect way to assist at Mass, but they're very nice (German) hymn tunes!

Twenty Minutes That Changed My Life Forever

2016 September 28

I might be able to memorize that Chopin etude, but there's no way I could memorize that 5-voice Bach fugue today.

Where do you obtain your Psalms?

2016 September 27

Download these Breviary files and keep them as our little secret!

Turning Off the Air Conditioning

2016 September 25

Taking Advantage of the Natural Beauty that Surrounds Us

Propers for the Jesuit Martyrs of North America

2016 September 23

“I shall remain here while there is a soul to save. My life is of no account if I can help you.” —Fr. Antoine Daniel

Dunwoodie Sponsors New Sacred Music Conference

2016 September 23

“Gregorian Chant in Pastoral Ministry and Religious Education” — March 10 & 11, 2017

The Choir Isn’t Everything

2016 September 23

The priest’s musical role is enormously influential. This can not be emphasized enough.

FSSP.la Choir Communiqué • 22 September 2016

2016 September 22

So much going on!

“For Immediate Release” • Re: Society for Catholic Liturgy Conference in Los Angeles

2016 September 22

Archbishop Gomez will still speak, but the venue for Saturday has changed.

SATB • “Come Holy Ghost, Who Ever One” — John Henry Cardinal Newman

2016 September 22

This tune will get stuck in your head, and the words by Cardinal Newman are splendid.

Problems Encountered Teaching Rhythms

2016 September 20

Well, today I decided to buck the system (in spite of my general LOVE of tradition) and simply referred to the various notes by their Takadimi syllables.

Catastrophic Results of USCCB “Interpretation”

2016 September 20

“Peace, peace, peace on earth; peace to God's people, all people on earth.”

Musical Resources • 19th Sunday after Pentecost

2016 September 19

“Let Thy healing power, O Lord, in mercy deliver us from our waywardness…”

Improving the Liturgy

2016 September 18

Reflections on the Status of the Liturgical Movement

Musical Resources • 18th Sunday after Pentecost

2016 September 16

“Let the operation of Thy mercy, we beseech Thee O Lord, direct our hearts…”

The Power of Sacred Music

2016 September 15

True Sacred Music brings hope and joy to those suffering.

New Release • Contemporary Motets for SAB

2016 September 14

Kevin Allen has released a collection every Roman Catholic choir will treasure!

Do You Recognize This Hymn Tune?

2016 September 14

One man's hymn sensitivities are another man's…

A Blemish On Hymnody Printing?

2016 September 13

The word “Thy” is used in the Lord's Prayer at every Mass, yet nobody struggles to understand it.

Greatest Church Music Book Ever Written?

2016 September 12

This volume by Paul Hume is supremely addictive!

Composition Contest

2016 September 11

Submissions Sought by the Conference of Roman Catholic Cathedral Musicians

Chief Reasons For Mass “Facing The People”

2016 September 10

Are you being rude to people sitting in pews behind you?

Three Things that Inform the Work of Every Parish: Hospitality, Catechesis, Evangelization

2016 September 09

These three elements inform most every aspect of our service to God and the faithful.

A Serious Question About Vatican II

2016 September 09

Vatican II spoke of “useless repetitions” in the liturgy, and said these should be examined…

Ten Reflections on “Pride of Place”

2016 September 08

Giving Gregorian Chant the "pride of place" is more than just singing the Propers.

Musical Resources • 17th Sunday after Pentecost

2016 September 06

“We implore Thy majesty, O Lord, that the holy mysteries we are celebrating may free us of past sins and save us from future sins.”

The Current Heresy

2016 September 06

He was right, I spoke an unforgivable heresy—boys and girls are different.

Guest Article: “Why That Hymn Doesn't Work”

2016 September 05

Twelve Criteria to Help Explain Yourself

Impressive Video — “Ad Orientem” Celebration

2016 September 04

“Do it gradually, with proper catechesis, to avoid shocking the people.” —Most Rev’d Gracida

Paul McCartney Likes Choir Music

2016 September 04

Start your choir year with inspiration from an unlikely source.

No Greater Advent Piece Exists

2016 September 03

What Guerrero did with this Advent melody is mind-blowing!

Musical Resources • 16th Sunday after Pentecost

2016 September 03

“Let Thy grace, we beseech Thee, O Lord … make us to be continually zealous in doing good works.”

The Power of Wordless Presence

2016 September 02

Many of us are gearing up our choir programs. Yet if we do not invest of ourselves time to “know” the Lord, our work may be for our own glorification rather than for God’s.

The First Catholic Diocese in East Asia

2016 September 01

Macau is the first Roman Catholic diocese in East Asia.