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"That good youth, recognizing the dangers in which he was involving himself in so perilous a journey, declared at his departure that the desire of serving God was leading him into a country where he surely expected to meet death." — Fr. Jerome Lalemant, speaking of St. Jean de Lalande
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“Oh, the happy choir director who is hired to start work on a brand new choir, or who walks into his first rehearsal a total stranger to the existing group—what a fortunate man he is! The new choir director who is a former member of the choir, or a member of the congregation, or the nephew of the alto soloist, or a former altar boy, or otherwise well acquainted with the choir, is in for a few headaches.”
— Paul Hume (1956)

1900s? Michael Horn Kyriale Accompaniments
published 19 March 2013 by Corpus Christi Watershed

km0_oak-tome_1900_Michael_Horn_Kyriale_Accompaniments HE FOLLOWING BOOK has been made available for free download courtesy of the Jean de Lalande Library. If you appreciate these efforts, please consider making a donation by using the link at the top of the page.

      * *  1900s? Michael Horn Kyriale Accompaniments (PDF)

• Ordinarium Missae organo concinente : juxta editionem Solesmensem • Michael Horn, O.S.B. (Michaelem Horn, Monachum Congregationis BEURONENSIS) • 88 pages of music • 1900s? Sekkau : [Seccovii in Styria {Austria} Sekkau, par Knittelfeld, Autriche ] • This Beuron monk puts the chant melody in “pustet-German-Medicean” box notation, and the harmonies underneath. No one knows when this book was published. •