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The Campion Missal & Hymnal (992 pages long) is the first of its kind. It is a pew book providing the faithful with everything they require to properly assist at the Traditional Latin Mass.
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“From six in the evening, his martyrdom had continued through the ghastly night until nine o'clock in the morning. After fifteen hours of torture rarely if ever surpassed in the bloody annals of the Iroquois, the soul of Gabriel Lalemant was freed from its charred and mutilated prison and summoned to join his comrade Jean de Brébeuf in the radiant splendor of God. March 17th, 1649, was the date; for Brébeuf it had been the sixteenth.”
— Fr. John A. O'Brien, speaking of St. Gabriel Lalemant

What people are saying about the Campion Missal

Some example letters:

“I would like to congratulate you on the beautiful second edition of the Campion Missal. It has quickly become the mainstay in so many parishes and chapels, and rightfully so! I am pleased that our community here is Fribourg could contribute in a small way to such a wonderful aid for the faithful to follow, learn and pray the Holy Mass.” —Fr. Arnaud Evrat, FSSP

“Attractively, even elegantly, produced, the appearance of this Missal and Hymnal is appropriate to the high quality of the contents. It should be of great benefit of those who assist at the Traditional Mass and those who would be interested in learning more about it.” —Rev. George William Rutler

“Greetings! About a week ago, I took a chance an ordered the St. Edmund Campion Missal & Hymnal. I say, “took a chance” because I couldn’t imagine how it was possible to produce a book of this length for such a ridiculously affordable price, let alone one that would prove to be so well-made, sturdy and, most of all, beautiful! The choice of clear, large font is sure to make many an eye grateful! Thank you so much for all you do!” —Portland, Oregon

“The Saint Edmund Campion Missal & Hymnal is a real work of art from cover to cover.” —Rev. J. F. (2/18/2013)

“I had a lovely surprise last week when a friend of mine gave me a copy. It’s a wonderful book, so beautiful to behold, a real labour of love and faith. Jeff, many congratulations on such an incredible achievement: you have given the Church a great gift.” —C.C. in England (2/19/2013)

“We used it for the first time on the First Sunday in Lent; a wonderful expericence for all. Everything was sung from it. Asperges, Mass XVII first Kyrie, Credo IV, Throughout These Forty Days, Attende Domine, Parce Dominie, Ave Regina Caelorum, Forty Days and Forty Nights. Thank you for this!” —Canada (2/19/2013)

“On the morning of Thursday, Feb. 1, I placed an order for 50 copies of your Campion missal and hymnal, wondering if we’d ever sell them all. By COB that afternoon, they were all committed. So I ordered 25 more. All gone. This morning I placed an order for 108 more. Except for two block orders of 12 and 20 copies, all our sales have been to individuals for personal or gift use. The St. Edmund Campion Missal is perhaps the first one explicitly designed with lavish color artwork and additional features intended to portray the beauty of the traditional Roman Mass, itself the most beautiful thing this side of heaven’, as the 19th century English priest Fr. Frederick Faber famously called it. To accommodate the extra features reflecting this beauty, the Campion pew missal is a bit larger than usual hand missal—a half-inch larger in each dimension than our red missalettes.” —H. E. (2/11/2013)

“I got my copy last week and showed it to our Chaplain this morning before Mass, and he liked it so much that he prefaced his homily by mentioning how good it is, and recommending everyone take a look at it. Here is the email I wrote, which our secretary sent out to everyone: The St. Edmund Campion Missal, the first new Missal designed for the Traditional Latin Mass since Summorum Pontificum, began shipping in late January. It has many features which make it a wonderful way to pray the Mass, including: a slightly larger size (6” x 9”) which allows for larger type; separate sections for both the High and Low Mass, showing the Latin text with the English translation, and color photographs on each page showing what the priest, deacon, subdeacon, and acolytes are doing at the point in the Mass; a complete set of Propers for each Sunday and Feast; a complete Kyriale, showing the Ordinary parts of the Mass, plus a hymnal of 150 high quality hymns.” —G. P. (2/10/2013)

“Just received the Campion missal and I LOVE IT! Thank you!” —F. F. (2/12/2013)

“I have just received your beautiful St Edmund Campion Missal. Sincere congratulations on a magnificent book. How you have produced this Missal at the price you are asking is beyond me. Best wishes!” —New Zealand (2/12/2013)

“Got the hymnal. Just fabulous! And what a bargain. I’m putting an announcement in the bulletin and will mention it from the pulpit. A great achievement. God bless.” —Fr. M

“Today, I picked up four copies of the St. Edmund Campion Missal. It is absolutely wonderful. It is truly a wonderful achievement !! Muchly treasured !!” —Windsor, Ontario (Canada)

“Really Extraordinary. I had a chance to use the new Missal at the EF Mass at St. ________ today and it is stunning. Thank you for this labor of love; I hope it goes to ten editions (this year!).” —P.C.

“I just received my two copies of this amazing and beautiful Missal & Hymnal. Every Roman Catholic should have the opportunity to experience the Mass in its Extraordinary Form, particularly a High Mass. This book not only allows the congregation to fully participate in the Extraordinary Form, it will make visitors feel less intimidated and learn about the rich legacy of their tradition.” —R.G.

“Our initial order of St. Edmund Campion Missals arrived Friday, and I couldn’t be more pleased.” —Fr. J.M.

“I wanted simply to write to express my appreciation for exquisite quality of your publications. As you are well aware, it is rare indeed to see a firm working so hard to put out materials that are both so thoughtfully and beautifully produced — both from a design/physical and content perspective. The St. Edmund Campion Missal is a particularly gorgeous book. You rare doing both wonderful and important work.” —Harvard University

“I purchased 50 copies of the Campion Missal/Hymnal for our weekly EF Mass, and put them in the pews Easter Sunday (without any prior announcement to the congregation). Our priest mentioned this to the congregation during announcements, and invited people to consider making a contribution to help cover the cost (along with a brief explanation of what is contained in them). Much to my surprise, I had a large number of parishioners come to me after Mass thanking me for purchasing the hymnals, most of them with large bills or checks in hand asking if they could help contribute. One particularly generous gentleman mentioned he was going to give me more the next time he saw me. This past Sunday after Mass, he came up to me and handed me a large envelope of cash and told me 'here’s the rest.’ In total, he gave enough to cover all 50 Missals. At this point, I have received 1.5 times the amount I spent on the 50 Missals – and this is without any type of presentation or 'sell job’. I guess I will have to order more! (Side note: God truly is generous… my wife and I had prayerfully considered this purchase, assuming that we would be donating most or all of the cost – now I have the opposite problem :-) ) I must say, although I have always been excited about this project, I was not sure what the reaction was going to be within our community. Our priest was enthusiastic, but a bit reserved on how he thought they would be received by the PIP (Are they too big and heavy? Will parishioners even bother to look at them, since many bring their own personal missals?). I received so many compliments about the books from people who I’d never spoken with, even though I have been the cantor for this Mass for about 2 years. Many thanks to Jeff and CC Watershed for undertaking this project; this effort is certainly a blessing to all EF Mass-goers everywhere!” —J.C.