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The Campion Missal & Hymnal (992 pages long) is the first of its kind. It is a pew book providing the faithful with everything they require to properly assist at the Traditional Latin Mass.
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"As the subject of the language of worship was discussed in the Council hall over the course of several days, I followed the process with great attention, as well as later the various wordings of the Liturgy Constitution until the final vote. I still remember very well how after several radical proposals a Sicilian bishop rose and implored the fathers to allow caution and reason to reign on this point, because otherwise there would be the danger that the entire Mass might be held in the language of the people — whereupon the entire hall burst into uproarious laughter."
— Alfons Cardinal Stickler (1997)

St. Edmund Campion Missal & Hymnal Website

266 Latin Missal & Hymnal HE CAMPION Missal & Hymnal, 992 pages, provides each member of the congregation with everything necessary to assist at the Traditional Latin Mass. Please scroll down to learn more about this book, or choose one of these:

PURCHASE FROM AERO   —   2nd Edition Info

Foreword by Fr. Berg   —   Nine Images

Table of Contents   —   Executive Summary

ORGAN ACCOMPANIMENTS (2 vols.)   —   “How do I open this book properly?” (VIDEOS)

IMPORTANT NOTICE   (24 September 2019):

The Campion Missal has been available since 2012. This morning, we were informed that very few copies remain available. Nobody thought the 2nd edition would last more than four years—which is an eternity in today’s printing industry. The fact that it has been available without interruption for seven years is a miracle. It is, therefore, not surprising to learn that Aero Corporation is currently low on supplies! We have been informed that a 3rd edition is currently being produced, but we don’t know when it will be available. As soon as we know anything, we will let our readers know.

* There is a new hymnal you should investigate.

The 3rd edition will contain the “Pre-1955” Holy Week and Pentecost Vigil—because of recent permission from the Vatican—in addition to the 1962 version.

INE ART: More than 300 traditional line art illustrations were collected from a special Benedictine archive and carefully digitally-enhanced for the Campion project. From these, we selected about seventy-five of the highest quality images for inclusion in our book. The pictures were then carefully placed according to the liturgical year and feast.

      * *  Sample of black and white line art image [pdf]

ASS PHOTOS: A distinguishing feature of our book is the inclusion of the complete Ordo Missae for both Solemn and Low Mass, along with 100+ color photographs, made possible by the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter, to help the congregation follow the prayers and ceremonies. All vestments used were 200+ years old. Here are some examples:

Solemn Mass   •   Qui Prídie:   1024×768
Solemn Mass   •   Offérimus:   1920×1200   1024×768
Low Mass   •   Confiteor:   1920×1200   1024×768   2560×1440
Low Mass   •   Introit:   1920×1200   1024×768   2560×1440
Low Mass   •   Credo:   1920×1200   1024×768   2560×1440
Low Mass   •   Consecration:   1920×1200   1024×768   2560×1440
Low Mass   •   Libera Nos:   1920×1200   1024×768   2560×1440
Solemn Mass   •   Introit:   1920×1200   1024×768   2560×1440
Solemn Mass   •   Credo:   1920×1200   1024×768   2560×1440
Solemn Mass   •   Subdeacon:   1920×1200   1024×768   2560×1440
Solemn Mass   •   Last Gospel:   1920×1200   1024×768   2560×1440

REGORIAN CHANT MASSES: For the first time since the 1950s, all eighteen Gregorian chant Masses from the Kyriale (Vatican Edition with Solesmes rythmic signs) and all six versions of the Credo have been carefully typeset and printed in a book for the congregation. The scores are presented in a large size, to facilitate congregational singing, and they are printed with amazing precision and clarity. Click here to view a sample.

ROPERS & READINGS: Our book contains the complete Propers and Readings in Latin & English for all Sundays, Holy Days, and First Class Feasts in the 1962 Missal. Also included are the Requiem Mass (Funerals), Nuptial Mass (Weddings), and Confirmation. Click here to view a sample page.

Click here to view a comparison chart (size) between our missal and some typical “daily missals.” Click here for a list of all the Propers included in our book.

ITURGICAL MANUSCRIPTS: For the first time in history, ancient manuscripts have been included alongside corresponding texts of the Mass Ordinary. We hope that other publishers will quickly follow our lead, so that all Christians may come to a greater appreciation of these sacred texts, preserved with such astonishing care for more than thirteen centuries.

      * *  Preview Page from the Second Edition

ATHOLIC HYMNODY: Our book contains 150 elegant, enduring, traditional, Catholic hymns in English for the congregation. In addition those that all traditional communities know and love, we have included exceptionally beautiful tunes like RUSTINGTON, ALL SAINTS, THAXTED, and REGENT SQUARE. Kevin Allen has also composed eleven stunning tunes exclusively for our book.

      Samples:         #860         #880         #889

With regard to the texts, we excluded sentimental poems of poor quality. Instead, we unearthed hidden treasures by St. Thomas More (†1535), St. Robert Southwell (†1595), St. Philip Howard (†1595), Bl. John Henry Cardinal Newman (†1890), and many others.

      * *  Essay on Hymn Criteria for the Campion Book

Literal translations were chosen, allowing the faithful to fully grasp the meaning of hundreds of ancient Latin prayers and poems of the Roman Liturgy. However, we also included many beautiful Latin hymns & poems, given beautiful yet faithful metrical translations into English. Click here to see an index of these only.

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