Page 54 LENT
Ad Preces Nostras Deitatis (“God, of thy pity, unto us thy children”)
Translation: Alan Gordon McDougall
SECOND TUNE: “Iste Confessor” • 11 11 11 5

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Additional information about Hymn 54

Alan Gordon McDougall (d. 1965) wrote: “This hymn has now been superseded by O Sol Salútis Íntimis. It's loss is much to be regretted, as it is one of the most beautiful examples of mediaeval hymnody.” Some sources list it as “Aures ad nostras deitatis preces” while others call it “Ad preces nostras deitatis aures.” The source of the text is page 19 of Pange Lingua: Breviary Hymns of Old Uses (1916). It is also found on page 45 of the New Westminster Hymnal (1939). The melody was included on page 416 in the London Oratory's Catholic Hymn Book (1998). It can also be found on page 221 of the Worship II Hymnal (GIA, 1975). The melody seems to have originated in a VESPERALE (Poitiers, 1746). Organists who desire harmonies for the “final verses” should consult #106 of Richard Lloyd's collection (1993) #106 or #168 of Noel Rawsthorne's collection (2011). The text can also be found on page 225 pf the LIBER HYMNARIUS (Solesmes, 1983). Many great composers have set this text, such as Father Guillaume Du Fay (d. 1474) and Father Tomás Luis de Victoria (d. 1611). Pages 50-51 in the Brébeuf Catholic Hymnal contain the only known literal translation to English.