A Solis Ortus Cardine (“Now, from the rising of the sun”)
Translation: Fr. John Wilfrid Wallace, OSB
FOURTH TUNE: “Old Hundredth” • 88 88 (LM)

  1. Organ Only; Voices Removed

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Additional information about Hymn 9

This hymn tune (OLD HUNDREDTH) can be sung in the Tenor, with gorgeous harmonies in the other voices. To see how this works, download #40273 (“Adésto Sáncta Trínitas”) which can be used “during the season of Pentecost.” It's two pages long, so consider using 'double-sided' printing. A live recording of #40273 (“Adésto Sáncta Trínitas”) by a volunteer choir is here (#40065).

Rehearsal videos for that piece are available at #40691, but the lyrics are different. Therefore, make sure your choir members understand that one can rehearse songs that have different lyrics (“CONTRAFACT”).