Christe Redemptor Omnium (“O Christ, Thy servants deign to spare”)
Translation: Fr. John Fitzpatrick, Oblate of Mary
SECOND TUNE: “Old Hundredth” • 88 88 (LM)
9th century

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Additional information about Hymn 157

This hymn tune (OLD HUNDREDTH) can be sung in the Tenor, with gorgeous harmonies in the other voices. To see how this works, download #40273 (“Adésto Sáncta Trínitas”) which can be used “during the season of Pentecost.” It's two pages long, so consider using 'double-sided' printing. A live recording of #40273 (“Adésto Sáncta Trínitas”) by a volunteer choir is here (#40065). Rehearsal videos for that piece are available at #40691, but the lyrics are different. Therefore, make sure your choir members understand that one can rehearse songs that have different lyrics (“CONTRAFACT”).
Organists can download this Voluntary on “Old Hundredth” Hymn Tune by Henry Purcell (d. 1695)