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Audio Excerpt
Audio Excerpt

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Celebrated by His Excellency, the Most Reverend René Gracida, Quis Non Amántem Redamet took place on 14 April, 2007, and was the first Solemn Pontifical Nuptial Mass to be offered in the Extraordinary Form since the reforms of the Second Vatican Council. Bishop Gracida wore a special chasuble that had been the personal property of Saint Rafael Guízar Valencia. Gregorian chant and beautiful Renaissance polyphony were sung. A special microphone was placed inside the Sanctuary, allowing the listener to hear the secret prayers Bishop Gracida said at the Altar. Click Here To Learn More

Quis Non Amántem proves that “non-specialists” can, indeed, produce worthy music for Mass. Roughly half of the polyphonic singers had never heard Renaissance polyphony before their experience on April 14, 2007. More than thirty of the polyphonic singers were younger than 25 years of age, and some of the most crucial members were ages under the age of 10. The DVD includes fascinating interviews and reflections by the clerics and singers who were involved with the production and special features like audio commentaries. Here are some audio excerpts from the CD: