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Watershed is proud to offer (on Compact Disc) DIGNUS EST AGNUS: Music of Holy Week and Easter. Features works by Lassus, Bach, Uttendal, Allegri, Viadana, Palestrina, Mendelssohn, Croce, Zoilo, as well as Gregorian Chant (Mass III and Propers from the Feast of Christ the King). Please click below to hear audio samples.

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Miserere Mei • A. Uttendal (†1581)
Our Father • F. Mendelssohn (†1847)
Ecce Vidimus • L.G. da Viadana (†1627)
Pars Mea • G.P. da Palestrina (†1594)
O Sacred Head Surrounded • J.S. Bach (†1750)
D Minor Prelude • J.S. Bach (†1750)
Angelic Agnus Dei • After G. Allegri (†1652)
O Vos Omnes • G. Croce (†1609)
Finale in D Major • F. Mendelssohn (†1847)
Animam Meam • A. Zoilo (†1592)
Asperges Me • A. Uttendal (†1581)
Cor Mundum • A. Uttendal (†1581)
Exsultet • (abridged) Easter Vigil Service
O Filii et Filiae • After J. van Nuffel (†1953)
Organ Processional • J.S. Bach (†1750)
Introit • Dignus Est Agnus
Kyrie • Mass III
Paschal Gloria • Zoilo/Croce/Viadana
Lesser Alleluia • Potestas Ejus
Greater Alleluia • Habet in Vestimento
Offertory • Postula A Me
Benedicite Gentes • O. di Lasso (†1594)
Sanctus • Mass III
Agnus Dei • Mass III
Domine, Non Sum Dignus • T.L. da Vittoria (†1611)
Communion • Sedebit Dominus
Ego Sum Pauper • G. Croce (†1609)
Ite Missa Est • Mass III
Our Father • F. Mendelssohn (†1847)