Vatican II Hymnal • ERRATA

The following typos in the Vatican II Hymnal have been noticed and will be corrected in future editions:

Page 284 — The last two bars of Hymn #284 (accompaniment & SATB) do not match what is printed in the Hymnal (congregational).

  Here’s the corrected Organist score for Hymn #284.

  Here’s the corrected Cantor/Organist score for Hymn #284.

  Here’s the corrected SATB score for Hymn #284.

Page 183 — Agnus Dei is missing an F# (both times) on “Agnus”

Page 99 — A quarter breath is missing after “He is good”

Page 621 — (Typo) The . . . is close to the brokenhearted (missing “Lord”)

Page 332 — (Typo) “At his word the worlds

Page 241 — (Typo) “That we WITH thee may appear.”

Page 284 — Make sure this ending has been corrected.

Page 465 — (Typo) The Exsultet has “iam” and “eius” instead of “jam” and “ejus”

Page 498 — (Typo) in Reading II from 1 Jn 4:7-10, the phrase “Whoever is without love does not know God” is repeated.

Other errors:

Error in Bass line rhythm (O With Thy Benediction) has been fixed on the website

Eliminate DUPLICATE Hymn: 212 & 299