N.B. The Vatican II Hymnal is the only pew book to contain the Propers of the Mass.

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Years ABC (Ordinary Form)
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Introit (Ps 36: 39-40, 28; Ps 77: 1)
Salus pópuli ego sum, dicit Dóminus: de quacúmque tribulatióne clamáverint ad me, exáudiam eos: et ero illórum Dóminus in perpétuum.
Vs. Attendite, pópule meus, legem meam: inclináte aurem vestram in verba oris mei.
Vs. Glória Patri, et Fílio, et Spirítui Sancto. Sicut erat in princípio, et nunc, et semper, et in saécula sæculórum. Amen.
I am the salvation of the people, says the Lord; from whatever tribulations they cry out to me, I will give heed to them; and I will be their Lord for ever.
Vs. Attend, O my people, to my law; incline your ear to the words of my mouth.
Vs. Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

Gradual, Year A (Ps 144: 18, 21)
Prope est Dóminus ómnibus invocántibus eum: ómnibus, qui ínvocant eum in veritáte.
Vs. Laudem Dómini loquétur os meum: et benedícat omnis caro nomen sanctum ejus.
The Lord is close to all who call him, who call on him in the sincerity of their hearts.
Vs. My mouth shall speak the praises of the Lord; let all flesh bless his holy name.

Gradual, Year B (Ps 140: 2)
Dirigátur orátio mea, sicut Incénsum in conspéctu tuo, Dómine.
Vs. Elevatio mánuum meárum sacrifícium vespertínum.
Let my prayer ascend like incense in your presence, O Lord.
Vs. May the lifting up of my hands be an evening sacrifice.

Gradual, Year C (Ps 112: 5-7)
Quis sicut Dóminus Deus noster, qui in altis hábitat: humília réspicit in caelo et in terra?
Vs. Súscitans a terra ínopem, et de stércore érigens páuperem.
Who is like the Lord our God who dwells on high and looks down on that which is humble in heaven and on earth?
Vs. He raises the needy from the earth and lifts up the poor out of the mire.

Alleluia (Ps 104: 1)
Allelúja, allelúja. Vs. Confitémini Dómino, et invocáte nomen ejus: annuntiáte inter gentes ópera ejus. Allelúja.
Alleluia, alleluia. Vs. Give thanks unto the Lord, and call upon his name; declare his deeds among the nations. Alleluia.

Offertory (Ps 137: 7)
Si ambulávero in médio tribulatiónis, vivificábis me, Dómine: et super iram inimicórum meórum exténdes manum tuam, et salvum me fáciet déxtera tua.
If I walk in the midst of tribulation you shall preserve my life, O Lord; you shall stretch forth your hand against the fury of my enemies; your right hand has delivered me.

Communion (Ps 118: 4-5)
Tu mandásti mandáta tua custodíri nimis: útinam dirigántur viæ meæ, ad custodiéndas justificatiónes tuas.
You have ordered that your commandments be kept diligently; O that my ways may be guided towards the keeping of your statutes.

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Years ABC (Ordinary Form)
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