Five Mystical Visions
for Solo Voice and Organ

L. Columbkille Simms (2012)

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33 pages • softcover • moderately easy solos for high voice and organ • each page beautifully illustrated by James Kent Ridley (sample)

1. For the Lord’s Heart – A Vision of the Longing of Christ for His Bride • 2. Theophany – A Vision of the Manger of the Son of God • 3. O Lord, My Love – A Vision of Mary at the Tomb of the Newly Risen Lord • 4. The Decision – A Vision of Conversion • 4. Breathe on Me, Breath of God – Solo on Edwin Hatch text (a new setting for organ and voice)

O Lord, My Love  •  For the Lord’s Heart  •  Breathe on Me, Breath of God

Text of 'For the Lord’s Heart’

'For the Lord’s heart is set on Zion,
He desires her to be His dwelling place,
Desiring her above the habitations of the whole earth.

For the Lord’s name is set in Zion.
There His tears fell for her ruined walls;
His servants pity her dust and build her up with sapphires,
Her battlements of rubies and pearls.

Then the Lord shall be seen in Zion.
There His people shall behold His face.
They need no lamp nor sun,
For Jesus in her midst will be their everlasting joy.

Text of 'Theophany’

On a weary night,
In a pool of lantern light,
Jesus, only Son of God Most High
Was born for us.
In the lowest place,
Yet the image of God’s grace,
Clad in love alone,
His glory gone.

O perfect in weakness, here is my heart,
Which I lay in your outstretched hand.

You have drawn me, Lord,
You have sought me by Your Word.
Now my longing soul Has just one goal:
To see Your face,
To approach and touch
One who risks His love so much,
That your love this night
I may requite.

O perfect in weakness, here is my heart,
Which I lay in your outstretched hand.

Text of 'O, Lord, My Love’

O Lord, my love,
You stand before me now,
New risen from the dead;
Resplendent, alive, alive,
Your scent is all of myrrh.
Your face and hands are clean and pure
Which lately I saw caked with blood.

O Lord, my love,
Come near and let me kiss you hands
made straight again,
All well except these scars, these scars,
These witnesses to love
That endless ages long You wear for me.

Text of 'The Decision’

Visit, Lord, my longing heart
That makes for Thee
A manger place.
Not of gold,
Nor moon distilled,
Pure, silver’s shine;
A simple nest of wood for thine
Expensive grace.
So long!
Your vivid claims
Like lightning pierced my soul:
Now come,
Come, and make this dark cold heart
A living altar,
And me,