Good Friday Acclamation Text

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Good Friday Acclamation Text A QUESTION ABOUT THE GOOD FRIDAY GOSPEL ACCLAMATION My Ordinary Form Missal says: During Lent, both before and after the Gospel Acclamation, instead of "Alleluia," any of the following phrases may be used: Praise to you, O Christ, king of eternal glory! Praise and honor to you, Lord Jesus! Glory and praise to you, O Christ! Glory to you, O Christ, you are the Word of God! Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ, king of endless glory! DOES THIS ALSO APPLY to the following? 1. Holy Thursday 2. Good Friday . . . because I remember being told that Holy Thursday and Good Friday are not part of Lent .... So .... do we sing "PRAISE TO YOU LORD JESUS CHRIST" on Good Friday ?? AN ANSWER FROM CANTICA NOVA PUBLICATIONS: Confusion abounds when there are several liturgical books that are involved, published over many years. The Graduale Romanum, The Simple Gradual, The Roman Missal, and the Lectionary all have bearing on the issue. The simplest answer comes from the GIRM 2002 (#62): Outside Lent, sing an Alleluia refrain around the verse in the Lectionary [or other options, like the music in the GR] During Lent, sing the "other chant," which is the verse itself from the Lectionary [or other options, again] There is no mention made of a Lenten "refrain" in the GIRM. The old GIRM, though, has an Appendix for the U.S. that says: "During Lent the alleluia is not sung with the verse before the Gospel. Instead, one of the following (or similar) acclamations may be sung before and after the verse before the Gospel: Praise and honor to you, Lord Jesus Christ, King of endless glory! Praise and honor to you, Lord Jesus Christ! Glory and praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ! Glory to you, Word of God, Lord Jesus Christ!" The Lectionary agrees, in that the Gospel Acclamation appears as "Alleluia, alleluia. Verse text. Alleluia, alleluia" outside of Lent, but during Lent, has only "Verse text." The word "may" in the GIRM Appendix seems to indicate that even thirty years ago, one would be completely proper in singing ONLY the verse text during Lent. I cannot find this appendix in the new GIRM 2002 published online. Perhaps the new Roman Missals (October 2011) will clarify things. This lack of a mandated Lenten refrain is certainly news to me! It seems obvious, though, that the bishops sought to bring some uniformity to the Gospel Acclamation by providing a text to replace the alleluia refrain during Lent. That format was adopted by every parish as "dogma" - perhaps in much the same way that so many embraced hymns to replace the Propers. It's also clear that the original GIRM rubric is written with the chant format in mind: the Gradual would be sung after the First Reading and the Alleluia (with its Alleluia text at beginning and end) would be sung prior to the Gospel. The Alleluia would be replaced by the Tract (with obviously no Alleluia refrain, nor any other "refrain" text) during Lent. The parallel from the Lectionary is the ALLELUIA/VERSE/ALLELUIA and the VERSE format for Outside Lent and During Lent, respectively. One can sing "other" things as well, like the proper music from the Graduale -- that muddies the waters further. One thing is clear, though. Whatever the practice during Lent, it should be maintained for Holy Thursday and Good Friday. Although these days are part of the Triduum (and technically not "during Lent"), there is no Alleluia sung until the Easter Vigil. So the Gospel on Holy Thursday and the Passion on Good Friday are preceded by either the VERSE alone from the Lectionary, or by a LENTEN REFRAIN surrounding the VERSE.