8703 Ubi Caritas et Amor Roman Missal 3rd Third Edition ICEL

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Offertory (1 John 2: 3-4) Ant. Ubi cáritas et amor, Deus ibi est. OR: Ant. Ubi cáritas est vera, Deus ibi est. 1. Congregávit nos in unum Christi amor. 2. Exsultémus et in ipso jucundémur. 3. Timeámus et amémus Deum vivum. 4. Et ex corde diligámus nos sincéro. Ant. 5. Simul ergo cum in unum congregámur: 6. Ne nos mente dividámur, caveámus. 7. Cessent júrgia malígna, cessent lites. 8. Et in médio nostri sit Christus Deus. Ant. 9. Simul quoque cum beátis videámus 10. Gloriánter vultum tuum, Christe Deus: 11. Gáudium, quod est imménsum atque probum. 12. Saécula per infiníta sæculórum. Amen. Ant. Where charity and love are, there is God. OR: Ant. Where love is found to be authentic, God is there. 1. The love of Christ has gathered us together into one. 2. Let us rejoice and be glad in Him. 3. Let us fear and love the living God, 4. and love each other from the depths of our heart. Ant. 5. Therefore when we are together, 6. let us take heed not to be divided in mind. 7. Let there be an end to bitterness and quarrels, an end to strife, 8. and in our midst be Christ our God. Ant. 9. And, in company with the blessed, 10. may we see your face in glory, Christ our God: 11. pure and unbounded joy 12. for ever and for ever. Amen.