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"Thus," wrote Isaac Jogues, "on the 29th of September, René Goupil, an angel of innocence and martyr of Jesus Christ, was immolated in his thirty-fifth year for Him who had given His life for ransom. He had consecrated his heart and his soul to God, and his work and his life to the welfare of the poor Indians."
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"There is a lack of that kind of organization which favors mature judgment. Move on, move on, get it out. Schemata are multiplied without ever arriving at a considered form. The system of discussion is bad … Often the schemata arrive just before the discussions. Sometimes, and in important matters, such as the new anaphoras, the schema was distributed the evening before the discussion was to take place … Father Bugnini has only one interest: press ahead and finish."
— Cardinal Antonelli (Peritus during the Second Vatican Council)

An Ordinary's Not So Ordinary Life • Autobiography of Bishop René H. Gracida
published 14 October 2014 by Corpus Christi Watershed

784 Gracida Autobiography ERE AT LAST is a story requested by so many people! The book recounts the action-packed life of Bishop René H. Gracida, who (among other things) fought Hitler’s armies in the Second World War; became an architect; served God as a Benedictine monk; had a unique career as parish priest; was a special friend to Cardinal Wojtyla; stood up for life as a bishop in spite of tremendous opposition; served as chairman of the Bishop’s Committee on the Liturgy; and saved the Kenedy Foundation for the Church.

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Pages; Softcover. Containing innumerable full color images, many of them incredibly rare—such as the original sketch made by Frater René for his remodeling of St. Vincent Basilica in Latrobe.

2014 © René H. Gracida.
Published by Père Isaac Jogues Art Productions.

This Autobiography was written in 2014.

An Ordinary’s Not So Ordinary Life was written to inspire Catholics to follow Jesus Christ.


For those who don’t like Amazon.com, CreateSpace is also selling this exact book:

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Hear the Golden Jubilee Homily given by Bishop Gracida in Corpus Christi Cathedral. Download a 2007 audio recording of Bishop Gracida praying the Roman Canon—recorded on a special microphone pinned to his chest. Order a beautiful compact disc: Bishop Gracida Prays The Sorrowful Mysteries Of The Rosary Accompanied By Sacred Music.

BOOK REVIEW by H. Edwards:   Who expects a modern U.S. bishop’s biography to be an action-packed page-turner so compelling and engrossing that, once picked up, it can hardly put down until the final page has been reached? But this not-so-ordinary autobiography of an extraordinary ordinary, Bishop Rene Gracida—depression era schoolboy (and altar boy), engineering student, WWII B-17 tail gunner on bombing runs over Germany, Benedictine monk, architect and church builder, diocesan liturgy committee chairman and TLM celebrant in his 30s and in his 80s, Mustang driver and Cessna pilot as a vigorously (and litigiously) pro-life bishop who stood tall for the faith (even in the USCCB) when too many didn’t, friend of Mother Angelica and Cardinal Wojtyla, beef science student and active working cattle rancher after retirement—is nothing less than just that.