The USCCB has provided freely downloadable versions of the musical settings of these newly translated texts.

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Society for Catholic Liturgy Conference 2018
2018 July 15 by Fr. David Friel

To be held 27–29 September 2018, the conference will focus on the legacy of Msgr. Romano Guardini.

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USCCB Assesses Impact of “Magnum Principium”
2017 December 31 by Fr. David Friel

Seven Observations on Liturgical Translation and the Recent Motu Proprio

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Gray Book for Baptism of Children Approved
2017 December 17 by Fr. David Friel

How will the “confirmatio” and “regonitio” processes unfold in light of “Magnum principium”?

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Pastoral Care of Persons with Disabilites
2017 July 30 by Fr. David Friel

Catholics with disabilities have a right to participate in the sacraments as fully as other members of the local ecclesial community.

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The Rite of Marriage, Second Edition
2016 March 13 by Fr. David Friel

The release date has been set. What will be new in the new Rite of Marriage?

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What Will ICEL Do Next?
2014 November 23 by Fr. David Friel

Msgr. Andrew Wadsworth gives details on what ICEL is doing now that the Roman Missal project has been completed.

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Parish May Crownings
2014 May 04 by Fr. David Friel

A strong devotional life in the parish church will naturally support and strengthen its liturgical vitality.

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Celebrating Parish Weddings
2014 February 09 by Fr. David Friel

New Rubrics for Use of the Gloria

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Ministry vs. Edification
2014 January 05 by Fr. David Friel

Do the People “Minister” to their Priests?

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The Book of Non-Blessings
2013 December 22 by Fr. David Friel

Of Advent Wreathes & Christmas Crèches

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Florida Priest Named Head Of USCCB Divine Worship Secretariat
2013 December 15 by Corpus Christi Watershed

Please note: It’s Fr. Michael J. Flynn … not Michael J. Fox! :-)

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If there is any one section of “Sing to the Lord: Music in Divine Worship” to become very familiar with, it is this one, and for rather intriguing reasons.

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