Eagerly awaiting a Pastoral Letter on Sacred Art in Divine Worship.

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"Crucifixion" by Pierre-Paul Prud'hon
2014 April 07 by Gwyneth Holston

A striking image that should be more well-known.

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Finally! A Manly Saint Joseph
2014 March 17 by Gwyneth Holston

I’m not sure why, but there are an unusually high number of saccharine depictions St. Joseph. This is not one of them.

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Painting of St. Catherine of Siena Part II
2014 March 11 by Gwyneth Holston

See the “reveal” of the finished painting.

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Painting St. Catherine of Siena Part I
2014 March 03 by Gwyneth Holston

See what goes into designing a painting.

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A Visual Chronical of Parish Life: Day 4
2014 February 27 by Gwyneth Holston

“A Sad Inheritance” by Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida

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A Visual Chronicle of Parish Life: Day 3
2014 February 26 by Gwyneth Holston

“The Daughters of Charity” by Henriette Browne

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A Visual Chronicle of Parish Life: Day 2
2014 February 25 by Gwyneth Holston

“Choirboys” by Jose Gallegos y Arnosa

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Movie Review: The Monuments Men
2014 February 16 by Fr. David Friel

Not Great Art, Itself, But Nevertheless Thought-Provoking

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Hans Memling's Masterpiece: The Last Judgment
2013 November 25 by Gwyneth Holston

Christmas is coming! For Catholics, that means its time to think about the Apocalypse.

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Feast of St. Cecilia – November 22nd
2013 November 07 by Gwyneth Holston

One of the Most Venerated Martyrs from Christian Antiquity

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