When reading certain publications, one gets the sense that every Catholic in the world is up-in-arms about the present translation.

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NBC “Meet The Press” & Catholic Church Music
2014 August 25 by Jeff Ostrowski

At the program’s conclusion, I felt dumber than when I’d started watching.

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Francis Cardinal Arinze Speaking on the New Roman Missal
2014 June 23 by Corpus Christi Watershed

We seldom post videos, but this one might be enjoyed by our readers.

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Ministry vs. Edification
2014 January 05 by Fr. David Friel

Do the People “Minister” to their Priests?

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Fruitful Virginity
2014 January 01 by Fr. David Friel

Flaming, Yet Unconsumed

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Bugnini Wanted To Eliminate Ash Wednesday!
2013 December 29 by Jeff Ostrowski

They failed to realize that one cannot simply “sit down over tea and crumpets” and VOTE INTO BEING the Church calendar. It’s supposed to develop organically.

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A Chart That Says It All …
2013 November 24 by Jeff Ostrowski

What a stark contrast between the (discredited) translation from the 1970s and the 2011 translation!

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How Bad Was It?
2013 October 25 by Jeff Ostrowski

Someday, my children might ask: “Do you remember the first ICEL translation of the Roman Missal?”

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