A Most Devastating Change By Pope Paul VI
2015 July 28 by Jeff Ostrowski

“We strongly resent the implication that we and our children are not sufficiently intelligent to understand the simple Latin of the Mass…” —Manifesto of the Catholic Laity (1943)

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In This Regard, The EF Cannot Compare To The OF
2015 May 01 by Jeff Ostrowski

If you’re searching for “Cum vénerit Paráclitus,” you might want to check the D section…

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Jaw-Dropping Liturgical Manuscripts (7,055 Pages)
2015 April 06 by Jeff Ostrowski

Catholics can now see with their own eyes the antiquity of our liturgy.

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Scripture, Sacred Music, and the Actions of Our Lives
2014 December 26 by Richard J. Clark

Let’s not minimize the role of the psalms in the mass to the Responsorial! Plus a FREE download of the Epiphany Communion antiphon.

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New Propers Collection By Lawrence M. Rutherford
2014 November 19 by Jeff Ostrowski

“English Psalm-Tone Propers for the Ordinary Form of the Mass” is now available in print!

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Are we surprised that authentic Church music died in the 1970s?

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