Musician • Center of Attention or Servant?
2016 April 22 by Richard J. Clark

Applause from a congregation for musicians, or musicians that impede congregational singing for the sake of personal artistry, are but symptoms. The church musician has been misidentified as a separate entity—a showpiece—and not properly identified as a servant of the liturgy, a servant of God, a servant of the people.

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Pastoral Difficulties with Recently Ordained Priests
2015 February 08 by Fr. David Friel

A Response to a Post at “Pray Tell”

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Priests and musicians need each other and must mutually support each other. Both are immersed in the work of the liturgy, the most important act of evangelization.

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Are You a Servant Leader?
2013 December 13 by Richard J. Clark

Leadership and authority are two very different things. Some with authority do not command respect. A Servant Leader will usually earn the respect and trust of others. Do so, and you can change the world.

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